7th – 9th October 2012

Arriving back into Auckland after a fun filled hobbit like day in Hobbiton, Matamata, on the Intercity Bus seeing as I finished my time with the Kiwi Experience Bus (sob sob, it was so good!), Bente and I collapsed in our hostel and chillaxed to the max.We were that tired and couldn’t even care that we were put into the smallest room ever to hold 4 bunkbeds and there was no window!

The next morning, our time together came to an end. We had to bade each other farewell as Bente is still carrying on her kiwi experience journey, seeing as she started in Christchurch. I woke up extremely early to see her off and gave everyone a wave at the side of the road as they continued on their journey to Paihia, Bay of the Islands. I was there in my first few days of New Zealand and loved tramping around. So what to do this day? Well…not a lot. I walked for miles through the University and through the National Parks in order to get to a hearing centre. You see, my headphones (specially designed for hearing aids) gave up on me halfway through my Kiwi Experience trip and I was without music. I didn’t fancy going on a long flight without my music again!

Finally getting there, I was told that I would have to make an appointment to see the audiologist to confirm that I needed special headphones…what? Could I come back in a week? What? In the UK and Australia where I got these headphones, I could just buy them over the counter but not in New Zealand as it seems. After much praying and pleading…alas no avail.

Dejected, walking through the rain, I needed cheering up and plenty. And that’s when I bumped into more people who came from the Kiwi Experience Bus such as Candice and Anna. They were in the mood to go to ladies night in the bar next door and looking to party. Do I want to come? Yes please! But it wasn’t til tomorrow night. Okay, I can wait.

The rest of the day was spent watching films and blogging seeing as the rain pelted outside. Diddums.

The next day, I slept in til noon. Wowzers! I definitely needed to catch up on my sleep after the events of the last week, whether it was climbing Mount Victoria, scaling the Kaikoura Peninsula, and the epicness of the Matamata Hobbiton Tour. The rest of the afternoon, I caught up with a mate over coffee at the SkyTower, where I climbed when I arrived in New Zealand, and got ready to party…wait it’s Ladies Night? The event organisers at the hostel were passing out leaflets in which you could redeem 3 free drinks…only if you was a girl. I protested this was sexism at its height and I was met with a blank stare and said I could get the free drinks..providing if I wore a skirt. Candice took this an opportunity to offer one of her skirts. Okay, so I accepted. All for free drinks and of course, my money was running low after the rexy edventures of the last 7 months. It was a no brainer.

That night after a meal together, I entered the bar. In a skirt. I was the only man there, with a skirt on. Jealous looks came my way from both women and men alike…I think I’ve got really good legs to show off. Wooo! Free drinks a plenty! I also dragged my new roomates from Finland, who I got on really well with. So well, that even after one day, they invited me to come and stay with them should I want to go over to Finland. Do they know what they are letting themselves in for????!!!!!

Anyways, we partied hard. Jagermeisters, and cocktails allowed to get involved in some rather risque games and later on, the bar staff dragged me on top of the bar with them to do some topless male dancing. Okay! Needless to say and rather obviously, I impressed and sated the baying crowds.

feeling my work is done, we all went back to bed. After all, we all had planes to catch the next day, and I was especially looking forward to where I would be going next. I’ll give you a clue…. BULA!

Meanwhile, enjoy the outrageous pics of my escapades!