16th October 2012

Waking up after experiencing the delights of the Kava Ceremony the evening before, I was in the mood to have a lot more culture brought into my life from Fiji.

Hence, both Michelle and I booked to go on a school visit and a Village visit later that afternoon.

That morning, again I went snorkelling to observe the environmental impact of the storm and chilled out on my hammock yet again to read my book.

We also had a nice surprise that Karen arrived from Beachcomber where she said she booked for 3 nights there. But after one night, she couldn’t wait to get off as it was an appalling party island. Remembering that both Michelle and I were at Blue Lagoon, she opted to meet us there. So we hung out for a bit on the sand, topping up our tans and having a good chat.

Michelle on the boat

Blue Lagoon Island

That afternoon, after putting on my hippy trousers and a shirt to observe customs, we took a longtail boat over to another island not far away and arrived at the school. Observing the grounds, we were ushered in to the assembly hall and listened to very cute Fijian kids sing songs of their own and also of other nationalities’ songs. They even did ‘God save the Queen!’ Check out the pics. My favourite bit was when some kids decided to dance on their own!

Fiji School

School Class

Naughty Kids

Smiling kids


Best picture ever


attentive boy

kids dancing

yeah yeah yeah...


Later on, we went on a village visit and check out their way of living. It seemed like an idyllic experience and soon we were shown into the community hall where the villagers put on a culture show for us. It was pretty awe-inspiring and i just wished that back at home, we could do something like this. We spent most of our time dancing to the ‘Thraka’, a hip justing dance that you walk backwards and forwards with your arms over other people’s hips.

Check out the pics.

garland flower

Happy fijian woman

tired fijian dancer


What the hell are you doing?!

Thraka DanceHappy Thraka Dance

garland time!

lady lady

seen my tooth?

happy dancing!

let's samba!

Fijian Chief

Afterwards, we were invited to come into the craft fair and I went on a bit of a spending spree to get some souvenirs for family and friends back home. Time to get my old haggling skills back out again from SE Asia! Then it was time to go back on the long tail boat with some kids waving us off!

Returning back to the resort, we caught up with Karen again and watched the sunset and posed in the garlands that were placed over us at the community hall.

Later on, feeling so knackered, we went to bed after dinner. Even though we had to run the gauntlet of the storm that appeared overhead and we were absolutely soaked by the time we got to the dorm!

I enjoyed being on Blue Lagoon and I loved the culture aspect. But I knew my week in Fiji was coming to a close as tomorrow, it was time for me to return to the main island of Nadi and fly back out to my next destination around the world!