17th – 18th October 2012

So there we have it, my stay in Fiji has come to an end after a fun-filled culture day yesterday.

After spending the money holed up on the hammock reading my book and getting some last minute tan topping up, I boarded back on the Yasawas Flyer with Michelle and Karen. It was to be a 5 hour boat journey back to Nadi’s port where I left a week ago. Sensing I would run out of things to do, I cracked and started reading 50 shades of Grey. I felt like I had to give the girls my opinions about it frequently throughout the reading of my book! It was amazingly bad!

I was also reacquainted with some Kiwis I met on Mantaray as well, who were also going back to the same place as me for tonight so all of us gathered round and some banter was thrown back and forth. It was truly a quick afternoon as before we knew it, we were docking into the port. The sun was already setting and we boarded on the bus to take us to our accommodation for the evening. I went back to where I stayed for my first night, Smuggler’s Cove. Again, they promised a fun-filled night of Fiji Dance and Fire dances.

Karen left to go to another island but I still had Michelle and the Kiwis to spend the evening with.

With dinner sorted, we could just look across at the sun setting on the beach and seeing the locals meander around on the beach. I was truly going to miss Fiji and I couldn’t ask for a cracking holiday after 7 months of constant travel. I’m definitely going to come back, particularly to Mantaray, where I’ll hopefully learnt how to scuba dive to see all the delights of the Reef. I heard the scuba divers there saw Octopuses, more sharks and even a turtle! That’s it, I’m definitely coming back!

We didn’t want to sound maudlin that we would be leaving Fiji the next day so cocktails are ordered! I particularly developed a taste for ‘Guava Lava!’ I ended up being ‘roped’ into a dance for the crowd…okay okay, I volunteered! It was the Bula dance. I saw this in action last week and I knew what to do but not everyone knew that bwahaha. I impressed the dancers and the crowds mightily by my dance ‘prowess’. Anyway, so the night ended and off to bed we sloped off to.








The next morning, I ended up having a scrummy breakfast and had to wait aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall day for my flight outta Fiji which was at 10pm and my transport to the airport wasn’t til 7pm.

Mostly, I just swam in the swimming pool, chatted to the girls, read my fifty shades of Grey book that I slowly getting hooked on, went souvenir shopping and bought far too much stuff. Michelle left us first for her afternoon flight. She was in a flood of tears about having to leave Fiji and us and I ended up giving her a hug and said we will definitely meet up soon! Then the Kiwi Girls left later and left me on my lonesome! Not for too long, after dinner and a few more cocktails, I was joined by a German Guy who we discovered that we were getting the same place together!

I finally caved in after a last visit to the shop and bought myself a Ukelele! Oh dear, my family will be certainly pleased to hear that! An hour later of my plucking, the bar felt the need to turn on the music system and whack it up to full volume…I got the hint guys!

Then it was my ride, with a ‘Moce’ (Goodbye) from the resort by them playing ‘You are my sunshine’ on their ukuleles, I was driven to the airport and met up with the German. (I’ve forgotten his name already!)

Checked in, all that was left for me was to go through security and chill out in the lounge. But unfortunately for the german, he couldn’t check in because he hasn’t obtained a Visa for his next destination…the same place where I would be going… LOS ANGELES, USA!

He was only passing through on his way to Russia, but he still needed an ESTA Visa. So I helped him with obtaining one via the airport internet. He thanked me for my help and we moved through to the lounge and chilled before heading into the plane for the flight to the U of S of A!