19th October 2012

Don’t worry, I’m not part of another film franchise if you are thinking about that film as I have left Los Angeles. I didn’t have a dream as I fell asleep on it and woke up to get off and thus watch the plane explode as part of my dream. It went by without a hitch.

So, after 7 and a half months of travelling around the world seeing as I crossed the International Date Line and experienced the joys of American Immigration, I was on my last stretch to my final destination of my 2012 RTW Travels.

The plane journey was pretty long. I couldn’t fall asleep and I had to make do with annoying the passenger next to me as I flicked through boring films on the tv screen. But I was also, with rising expectation, pretty excited about where I was going next.

As we landed, I realised I was woefully not dressed for the weather outside as I viewed the grey drizzle as it splattered across the windows. Still in my Fiji gear of shorts, sandals, vest and cap, I strode through the airport and came out into arrivals. There, was one person to greet me who arranged to meet me.

My dad.

Yes guys, I’ve come home.

I’ve landed in Heathrow, United Kingdom and this is my final destination.

All good trips end with a final destination and this by no means is the least. After all this time, I was ready to come home.

As I gave my dad a hug and greeted with a smile that has never changed since he smiled when he waved me off on 25th March 2012, he took one look at me and said ‘aren’t you cold?!’

Bundling into my jumper and my trusty bobble hat, we left London on the train back to my hometown, after being mistaken for an australian (why do people think I look like one?!) and my mum literally ran out of the door ready to give me a bone crushing hug.

Don’t ever go away again!

So here I am, back to where I started. Nothing seemed to have changed since I’ve been away and I sat back in my chair now fully relaxed and ready for bed after flying and travelling for the best part of 2 days!

But I wasn’t going to bed, because as I sat in my chair thinking about the amazing experiences I’ve undertaken this year, Mum came in from the kitchen and said as she placed something on the table next to me,

‘Thought you would be gasping for this, son.’


Trembling, I picked it up and sniffed the sweet nectar of this glorious beverage. Blowing the heat off the top, I gave a good sip and felt I have now truly come home. Loving the drink, I looked up at Mum and gave a wink as she stood smiling at me, happy I returned to her safe and sound.

‘Welcome Home Edward.’