So there it is! My RTW Travels for 2012 is officially over! These 7 and a half months have been extremely fantastic and it’s far by far exceeded my expectations! I’ve loved all the amazing cultures, brilliant people, awesome experiences and best of all, rediscovering myself!

I would love to tell you in great detail my thoughts on it all, but I’m sure you’re wondering … ‘What now?’


What now?!

What now?!


Well I have a confession. It’s been 6 weeks since I’ve been back! And I definitely got up to loads of things back home. What? You may cry. Well, there’s a post for each so you do not need to wonder at all what I’ve been up to and yes, it’s related to travel!

So what will you be expecting?


1)      Top Tips how to survive being back home from travels!

The guide to stop getting your post travel blues. You’re back home and it looks like nothing has changed and you don’t feel like you are nomadic anymore. What to do?


2)      The World Travel Market 2012

At the beginning of November, I headed down to London to experience the annual World Travel Market to get savvy with social media within travel and meet many travel bloggers galore. The HostelBookers Party was an extreme highlight. But best yet, I gathered lots of contacts for my travel plans for 2013.

HostelBookers Party


3)      How I got a job immediately to start saving for more travels

Not even 10 days went by after I got back from my travels when I managed to land a job to get saving again. Check out later for ways to get saving again for your travels. I’ve found some pretty nifty ideas!


4)      British destinations for winter

Check out the places I went to in Britain since getting back. Just because you’re back from a majestic RTW trip, doesn’t mean you stop travelling. You can travel at home too!


5)      An interesting series about how travelling round the world changed me as a person

Despite the bravado of my exterior portraying me as a cool, tall, sexy, hot and charming (and did I mention extremely handsome) lad, (which I am), I’m still very much a private person when it comes to those things inside me that changes who I am…oh yeah..feelings! Well travel has changed me in many ways as a person and I look forward to telling you them.


6)      And finally…my travel plans for 2013…

Well, I’ve definitely caught the travel bug and I just cannot wait to tell you my travel plans for 2013. Let’s just say I will be having more of a continental breakfast from now on 😉



Oh, how I caught the travel bug!