So here it is, a few days left before Christmas and before you know it, you’ll be in 2013 wondering what the year will bring you. I admit I’m wondering massively what lies in store for me in 2013. So many balls up in the air in other people’s courts leaves me kind of frustrated that I have no control what lies ahead until they get back to me. Patience, for me, is not a virtue.

But there’s one thing I’m assured of. TRAVEL.

When you are saving money for your next vacation, I’m busy squirreling away, slowly but surely, for my travel plans for 2013. It’s not all been decided yet due to said balls, but I can still dream my top 5 places to see before 2013 comes to an end.


  1. Kenya – Cape Town

Since going to Uganda in Africa and completely wowed over by the ‘nature’ of the continent, I’ve been very determined to undertake a trip through the African Cradle from Nairobi in Kenya to Cape Town in South Africa. I’m hearing lots of ace overlanding trips that meet many locals, blaze through Safaris, and even camp in the wild. I would just love it if I could go through Tanzania, Malawi, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia and Lesotho. We will see!


  2.  Copenhagen, Denmark

I don’t know why but I’ve always wanted to go to Copenhagen. I imagine it’s because the Danish had a huge influence with their Vikings on shaping English History. I want to see what our continental cousins have to show me!


     3.   Brazil

Back in my previous post about Europe VS South America, this Latin continent has a huge draw for me due its biggest country of Brazil, which has a wealth of travel experiences to undertake. My good friend who I met on my 2012 Travels have been telling me about his adventures there and I’m pretty jealous of him! He wants to go back so I might go with him. Best to go before the hype of the 2014 World Cup!


 4.    Eastern Europe

Again in my previous post, Eastern Europe has always attracted me. To go to the country of the Slavs and Polish which seems to me suspended in time in wintery goodness. I mean Tallinn in Estonia, the astronomical clock in Prague, Auchwitiz in Poland close to Krakow and perhaps run down to the Balkans of Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia holds a special appeal to me. Perhaps in early 2013, I should buy myself a train pass and hop on and off at places that excites me to visit through my pass?


5.     New Zealand…Again!

Even if I couldn’t do any of the above, I would still be EXTREMELY more than contented to go back to New Zealand. Particularly the South Island. This time, I would love to go in their summer and bask in the sun while I still do some more extreme activities and go tramping from Kaikoura to Kerikeriteri. I know I’ll be back sonner than I would expect.


What do you think to these places? What’s your top 5 places you would like to travel to in 2013?