Aye, it’s that time of year again where we need to scratch our heads after an immense 2012 and you’re thinking…what’s there to do in 2013 if you’ve done a lot in the year before? Surely, we all deserve a break every now and then. But for travel…it waits for no man. There’s still so much out there to explore.

2012 has been a massive year for me. Nearly 8 months of it was spent on travelling around the world through the delights of South East Asia, trotting around Australia, tramping around New Zealand and relaxation on Fiji. By October, I knew it felt like it was time to come back home. So I did. Grabbing myself a xmas job to tide through the expensive month of December, before I knew it, it’s now 2013! So what do I feel like doing now?

I still want to travel.

However, I don’t feel like I can undertake a mammoth journey like 2012 again. As I’m the grand old age of 27, I really ought to be thinking about the future. I mean, I best put my degrees to good use. But that’s it…I’m JUST thinking about getting a career but with that in mind, I still want to travel some more. Perhaps in the far distant future, I might do another RTW trip. So what can I really do? As we all know, job hunting takes time. So why don’t I use that time to my advantage? Often people would complain that they are stuck at home waiting for the phone to ring from a company…(I’ll only do that if Amy Pond is looking for an assistant)…so I say, why don’t you go away for a bit and come back to job acceptance letters pouring in the post?

So that comes to my 1st new year travel resolution.

1) Travel everytime there’s an opportunity.

I’m just in negiotiations to undertake a trip this month. All will be revealed soon. This trip will be about a month long but it’s to a place where I’ve never been before and actually quite hesistant to go before my RTW Trip. But now I’m raring to do.

I’ve also got a wedding to go to that’s abroad. So I’m taking the opportunity to travel around that wedding for a couple of weeks. I just hope the bride won’t mind me rocking up in my backpack!


But not to fear, Britain, I still love you. Even though I was away from this sceptred isle during the Olympics (sorry about that) and the Queen’s Jubilee, I haven’t really made plans for a tour of Britain. But that will all change thanks to my next new year travel resolution.

2) Do a Backpacking Tour of Britain.

Of course I will, in nearly 2 weeks, I’ll be going to the winter wonderland of Derbyshire. Plans are being made for me and I look forward to seeing what lies in store for me. I would like to visit Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands when I can 🙂


During the course of my 2012 Travels, I met so many people from different countries. All was them was such fun and special in their own unique ways and even more so when they invited me to come visit them when they are home. A lot of them have returned or will be returning soon so that brings me directly to my third new year travel resolution.

3) Visit the Backpackers!

Where to go? Germany, Finland, Norway, Italy, Greece etc, the world is my oyster. After my initial travels of 2013, I am hoping to visit them for weekend breaks especially in Europe 🙂


4) Budget, Budget Budget!

Yes, now that I’ve finished my 2012, I did go through a period of mourning for my bank account. It had a very tough time but luckily, after a couple of months I managed to raise some funds through my xmas job and also from monetising this blog, which has given me a lot especially in December. But this new year resolution doesn’t stop there, it applies to all of my travels in 2013. In hindsight, I could have budgeted a little better in 2012 especially on food when I finally threw in the towel and ended up going to fast food places especially in New Zealand. NZ$5 meal could have been enough for a few more meals if I cooked myself.


And finally, now I’ve mentioned my blog, this leads me to my last new year resolution.

5) Tell you my travels at the same time or very nearly enough.

Yes, when I arrived back home, I was still 6 weeks behind on my blog. This was not what I set out to do. I wanted to tell you what I did at the end of that day but no, it meant that I had to play catch up. It also annoyed me that I couldn’t just quite remember a name for a place or after publishing my article, I would suddenly remember further things to add. So I am utterly determined to tell you what I’m doing there and then and I will allow myself a couple of days to be behind. After all, I need to tell my Mum I’m still alive there and then rather than 6 weeks beforehand!


What are YOUR Travel New Year Resolutions?