As I mentioned in my New Year’s Resolutions Post, it’s that time of year when you should be thinking about travelling this year. Whether it is a simple city break, beach holiday, a country trip or even travelling around the world, I urge you to get out there.

And January is possibly the best month to start planning with all the sales and offers that each individual holidaymakers, airlines and hotels have got to offer such as reduced price holidays.

I know I am. I wish I can tell you what I have planned other than my trip to Madrid in May, but I’m still in negotiations, (first set of travels should be published within a few days), but I’m surely taking advantage of these sales.

But stuck for ideas? Let me tell you from my impressions what are the top 5 places to visit.


1) Slovenia

A huge marketing campaign in 2012 for Slovenia has come into my orbit in 2012 even when I was at the other side of the world. A small country situated east of Italy, south of Austria, west of Hungary and north of Croatia, this place has made an impression on me with all things it has to offer. With the Mediterrean, the Alps and all sorts of culture brimming inside, it’s no wonder this country has been dubbed ‘Europe in Minature’. With hiking and cycling activities on offer in one of the greenest countries in the world, I look forward to going there and climbing the Julian Alps. And not forgeting the tongue twisting name of Ljubljana, the capital, you are guaranteed to drink their speciality wines and learn about the history of this stretch of the Adriatric Coast. Oh, did I tell you it’s warm there?!


2) Jordan

2012 has been the best year for Jordan Tourism. This Middle East Country owes its success to the rediscovery of the Petra Temple (Indiana Jones nerds will know this) 200 years ago and now celebrating its anniversary. Many travel bloggers have gone to this and reading their adventures of being a Bedouin in the arabic nomadic tribes has been a wonder to read. Why didn’t I go? Well, duh, I was on a RTW trip but I could have easily just have gone afterwards but I wondered if an annoying thing would happen to me…massive crowds. I told you 2012 had been a success. Now that the 200th anniversary celebrations have gone away, 2013 is a safe bet that you are guranteed not to have an annoying japanese walking into your camera shot! I cannot wait to go to this Middle Eastern Country, ranked as one of the safest countries.


3) Brazil

If you’ve heard an increased mention of Brazil or in particular its city of Rio de Janiero (LESSON: It’s not the Capital City!), you would have been stupid not to realise why. The World Cup is coming in 2014 and the Olympics after London is heading to Rio in 2016. What a massive coup for Brazil. Particularly as they will be hosting the first ever Olympics in South America ever! Because of this, Brazil is becoming more and more the best destination to go on holiday there while seeing these sporting tournaments. You have pristine beaches, who knows the Copacabana? And the Amazon Rainforest and even the Aamazon River. One the best waterfalls can be found on the border with Argentina called Igazgu Falls. This portuguese speaking country has everything going for it but I urge you to visit in 2013 before the tournaments starts to gain the best insight into their culture.



It seems like a lot of my friends are going to Vietnam in 2013. And I don’t blame them, seeing as I was there in May 2012 and it was one of the best countries I’ve ever visited. Becoming more and more accessible for tourists, youi can now visit the beauty of Halong Bay, hike in the highlands of Sapa, stroll along the beaches of Hoi An and Nha Trang, find about its bloody history in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and even find out about the rural way of life on the Mekong Delta. There’s far too much to do but if you do want to travel and see as much as you can then I would urge you to extend your travel time there if you are seeing the four countries of SE Asia (Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam).


5) New Zealand

Okay, Okay, I’m truly biased. Of all the countries I’ve visited, New Zealand has been the best. Without a doubt. I’ve not heard one bad thing about it and everyone wants to go back. This country of 2 main islands has stunning spectacular scenery that gives you something different every day you are there. It’s also a great place for thrill seekers if you are hoping to bungee-jump, skydive, white-water raft and even go on sailing trips. But if you are thinking of going there, I do heartedly recommend that you spend as much time in South island to see Milford Sound, Queenstown, Christchurch, and even hike in Abel tasman Park and Mount Cook. You won’t be disappointed! If I got the chance to go to New Zealand again, I’m there before you can say Kiwi!


So there are 5 places I recommend to go travelling to. What’s yours?