Other than me of course! How wouldn’t you follow this delightful and witty creature called Sexy Rexy by close friends?

But alas, there are just many good travel blogs like mine perhaps only a little beautiful. Now that 2012 has come to an end resulting in many bloggers coming home and planning their 2013 adventures, it’s time to have a good sort out of my Google Reader to ensure I keep up to date with their globe trotting quests. And I’ve definitely found 3, which I think are the blogs to watch in 2013.

Two Bad Tourists

These mean backpackers have done their share if travel in 2012 with an epic RTW Trip in Central America, Europe, Africa, SE Asia (phew let me take a breather), Japan and now just starting in South America after celebrating New Year in Cusco, Peru. It will all come to an end in February but it doesn’t mean we haven’t heard the last of these Americans as they are planning to become Europeans themselves later on the year.

Waegook Tom

He’s definitely has me waiting in anticipation..for his blog posts that is. In March, he’s about to undertake a RTW trip of his own and the section I’m truly looking forward to is the Africa countries. I’m totes jealous. With his food based posts, his outrageous outlook on life, he’s sure to be a great read.


After taking a hiatus from travel, and I disappointingly just missed him in New Zealand, he’s now back better than ever and what’s his best re-start to travel than an awe-inspiring biking trip through America from east coast to west coast with perhaps a stop in Canada. He’s got some big stories to tell..watch this space!

If you think I should be following your blog, then please let me know!