If you’ve been checking out my facebook page, you’ll see that I’ve announced that I’ve booked my first 2013 Travels!

Since December, I’ve been deliberating where to go, and did indeed ask you about where to go in one post, in which I asked you wther to go to Eastern Europe or South America. And offered another curveball when someone invited me out to South Africa. it was a long time before my mind was made up.

So I tell you now that I’ve finally made my clever mind up and therefore booked it, packed it and f**cked off!


For a month starting in late January, I’ll be hitting up the delights of Argentina, Uruguay (yes someone mentioned U R (U) G (U) AY), and even Brazil! What’s even better that I will have ticked one of my bucket list definitely by attending the Rio de Carnaval and see the magic happen!

I didn’t think I’ll be doing this for ages yet as South America has held a certain hesistation to travel there and I would probably rather travel in Europe, North America and Africa before getting there but hearing about other people’s adventures there during my travels, I slowly became convinced that it was indeed a great palce to go there. Oh, and of course, I got jealous!

With South America a huge bustling continent with a HUGE mix of cultures, there was absolutely no way that I’ll be able to fit it all in one month…it’s not fair on the cultures so I made up my mind to do just the 3 countries specified. I know I’ll miss out Peru (Inca Trail anyone?), Chile and Bolivia, but it’s another time.

So what’s to do there? I must confess that I’m at a loss and currently reading up on guide books and other people’s blogs of their trips there. But I look forward to getting there with no expectations and with a blank canvas of a mind. I will value the advice of word of mouth and if I do adheare to the guidebooks, it will be very touristy and too rigid. So let’s see where the wind blows.

I’ve already got some advice from some of the backpackers that I travelled with. Smera and Mark from my Australian travels has given me the do’s and don’ts, places to stay, towns to see etc.

So far, I got these:


ARGENTINA – Mendoza (wine country!), Buenas Aires (tango!), Cordoba (students), Rosario and their side of Iguazu Falls.

Mendoza Vineyard

URUGUAY – Montevideo (Rarty Central), Chuy

montevideo beach

BRAZIL – Rio de Janiero (The Redeemer, Carnaval, Beaches!), Salvador (history), their side of Iguazu Falls, Sao Paolo.

Rio Carnaval!


Do you have any tips for me?


Oh, and by the way, I’ll be joining up with some travel bloggers as well, namely Two Bad Tourists! Let’s see if I’m a bad tourist or a good tourist…who knows, it’ll be interesting! Check out their interview.

Until then, I’ll let you know what’s happening!