Coming back home after a long ardous journey from Fiji, there’s one thing that I defnitely needed to do that I haven’t done in absolutely ages! Synch my ipod and load up some more music.

As I did this, my cimputer started telling me what was my most played list in 2012 particularly when I was travelling and I was heavily surprised. You’d think I would be footloosing it to Steps, Spicing Up my Life with the Spice Girls and even perhaps ‘Reach’ing for the shuffle button after listening to S Club 7. WRONG! Shock and Horror, I’m not the Cheesy guy that I make me out to be. I’m Sexy and I know It.

So rather than giving you all 20 as my itunes tells me but the top most 5. Ok?


5. Sugar Water By Cibo Matto


Listening to this, I’m reminded of my Vietnam bus journeys. That Hue to Hanoi Bus journey was made possible to listen to this while I attempted to relax and get to sleep on a broken chair and in cramped conditions. Very soothing and staring out at the darkening sunsetting skies over the Vietnamese plains of Northern Vietnam made it all possible.


4. I Want You to Want Me By Letters To Cleo

Roaring along the Bruce Highway at the wheel of my campervan in Australia, this is definitely a driving song to rock out to. I remember listening to this as I rocked up to Jourama Falls.


3. Fix You By ColdPlay

Sometimes when you are travelling, you will hit the blues. Travelling is full of ups and downs. And when I have a down, I like to ride these emotions to reach the other side and feel better. And what better way to experience it with the help of some music. This melanchony song had me feel better about being on my own in Thailand after the brilliantness of Vietnam. I didn’t enjoy the Phuket region of Thailand and I just wanted out.


2. Greatest Day By Take That

I played these tune in New Zealand A LOT! Because everyday in New Zealand was the Greatest Day of my life! Whether it was being at the Top End of New Zealand, Bungee Jumping in Queenstown, Seeing Seals in Kaikoura or being a Hobbit, who knows! I love New Zealand.


1. Without You By David Guetta feat. Usher

First hearing this when I landed in Thailand, I didn’t really get into this until I reached the Full Moon Party of Thailand. This had me dancing to the groove and to this day remained stuck in my head. Quite apt, as the video shows David Guetta travelling the world. But this song has a deeper meaning for me, I would like to dedicate this song to all the fantastic people who I met and travelled with in 2012. I love you guys.