Kicking my heels back home in this ‘seasonal weather,’ I was truly bored. Bored with a capital B. Snow was on its way and I knew I’d be cooped up inside watching re-runs of ‘Made in Chelsea’ or attempting to snowball fight with the kids down my street that would probably most likely end up with a kid crying to its mother thanks to my rough snowballing. So what to do before Jack Frost hit Hull? Hull! It suddenly hit me. Why don’t I just go into Hull and look at it from a tourist perspective?

Did I detect a few snorts here and there? Yes, if you are British, you will have heard the place of Kingston Upon Hull and smile mirthlessly about what brings to mind. Yes, Hull has been popping up in bad press time to time thanks to standards and also for fellow tourists who claim there’s nothing to see there. I do agree if you just stepped out of the station and all you can see are rows and rows of high street chain stores and nothing…new. But go into Hull deeper and you’ll see a forgotten corner that even Hull forgot. The Old Town. So I am here to show you that Hull is worth visiting. This article shows you a photo essay that even just wandering the narrow streets of Old Town Hull is something in itself rather than visiting the museums or attractions there. This makes me proud to be from Hull.

Hull Trinity Church – one of the oldest vuildings in Hull


Pick out some interesting wares and even old fashioned sweets in the Hull Trinity Market!


Explore the Quiet Narrow Old Fashioned streets of Hull – teemed with traders, dockers and even people visiting from mainland Europe!





Hull Guildhall – where the Hull City Council is based


Pop by to the Museum Quarter on the banks of the River Hull


A Pub steeped in History, this is where the Civil War truly started



With Hull being at or under sea level, our famous tidal barrier keeps the waves at bay



The newest attraction to grace Kingston Upon Hull – The Deep. The World’s only subaquarium!


Has Hull forgotten its Marine History? ShipYards were boundless here.

We are in this together. Hull remembers the partnership with Iceland



Before the Humber Bridge was built, the only way to get to New Holland on the other side was by Ferry. This is the old Ferry Pier



Even the seagulls love the place



Hull was a major port. Now there’s a Marina for the sailboats



Dotted around the city, this is the proud symbol of Kingston Upon Hull



Hull marina up close



Catch up with Hull’s Fishing Heritage by visiting the Spurn Ship

Now, you’ve had a good look round, I’ll be posting in the future with pieces of Hull in focus and to explain why Hull is a great city to live in and to travel to.