Arggggg….Hearty Ho, me mateys! Get me a barrel of rum and I’ll shall reward you with gold and plunder…arrrgggg!

Yes a pirate’s life for me and what’s more a REXY Pirate of the Caribbean. Arrggg!

I’ll stop speaking in pirate…it’s not good for my undiscovered singing career.

Yes, the Caribbean! I want to be a pirate and what’s more I need a ship to set sail to world’s end to discover the secret of the Black Pearl. That’s what I’m hoping to do in the twilight months of 2013.

But the ship? Make that a cruise. many of my friends have been to the caribbean on luxury cruise liners and it is with some jealousy, when I pour over their facebook photos of how LUSH the Caribbean can be and especially how decadent they get up to on these cruises. So my quest for 2013 is to stowaway on a cruise liner and to see the world!

So where do I want to go? Looking over deals, I’m overwhelmed by the variety on offer. Click here for the latest deals on Caribbean deals from Travelbag.

There are a bazillion islands to explore and place my loot in those sandy shores. Hmmm, where possibly? I’ll give you my 5 top Caribbean destinations that I want to see!

Sexy Pirate Face

1) Cuba

Recently open to tourists, this is where I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to go. It’s like a step back in time to see 1950s cars still rolling around. Hearing about my cousin’s adventures there…oh she got married as well there… I could envisage myself going to the place. Having a puff of the Havana Cigar, try out the wines, dance the spanish dances and also gain an insight into the hottest point of the Cold War – The 1966 Cuban Missile Crisis.


2) Jamaica

Okay, I’m slightly embarassed to tell you my reason for going to Jamaica, it’s not for the ginger beer (I’m not an alkie). But rather, because of a film I’ve religiously watched if I see it on screen…Cool Runnings. I remember watching this as a cute 7 year old and become absolutely gripped by Jamaica’s attempt at the Bobsleigh race at the Winter Olympics. More so, I just couldn’t believe how the Jamaicans have such fantastic sense of humour that were similar to mine and also how very laid back they get about life. This sounds like my kinda thing. Already, I’m bopping my head to some imaginary reggae reggae music….ooh I forgot about the sauce!


3) St Lucia

As a young graduate in my university years, I became jealous of my coursemate when she got offered the chance to go to St Lucia for her Masters Project. Meanwhile, I was just doing a water quality survey for a local river. bringing back her photos, this looked to be the perfect idyllic lifestyle for some pure relaxation. Going out with the local fishing boats, she surveyed the marine life there and I just could not believe how much she got to see underwater. Scuba diving….here I come!


4) Trinidad and Tobago

One reason alone and my favourite party game…the LIMBO! Originated from here, I’ll be limboing to the music of Calypso. Plenty of times I have won the limbo competitions at every place and I’m there to show the locals how the British does strut the limbo stuff!


5) Barbados

Ultimately for me, the luxury destination. But it is also the leading environmental destination. You see, other than elephants and frogs, I feel a kindred spirit with turtles. (I still yet to meet one in person in the wild) 4 turtle species come to nest on this island and should I arrive there at the right time, I would like to help out with the conservation and protection of these awesome species.

Come on, meet your maker!

So there lies in my ship route until I see land ahoy! Argggg! Ho Ho Ho, a Rexy pirate’s life for me!

What do you think of these destinations?


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