Seeing as I’m always talking about overseas travel, I thought I’d take this as a good opportunity as any to tell you about travel in Britain!

Most of my childhood, I have been extremely blessed to have been taken around the length and width of Britain by my amazing family visiting all sorts of interests and activities. We also did a lot of camping and walking! Lots and lots of walking! All those cheap UK holidays when we were young definitely paid off and look at me now, ready to take on the world!

So where did we go?


1) East Yorkshire Coast

A regular haunt of the male members of the Rex family. We needed to pass the test of surviving on the East Yorkshire Coast. A non-descript place called Ulrome has brought much joy to the Rex family especially as I look at old photos of my dad as a kid enjoying a nice cottage weekend holidays for the family.

BUT when I went as a 9 year old, it was camping time! A brilliant campsite there allowed me to get in touch with nature. Build a fire, put up a tent on my own, cook for myself, amuse myself in the pitch blackness of darkness, I absolutely loved it.

Building a fire



2) Torquay, Devon

Entering my teenage years, as a 13 year old, Mum and Dad decided to take me to the south coast of England. With an amazing waterpark there, I was soon in my element. Also, there’s dinosaurs there in a big garden…go and look…


3) Eyemouth, Scotland

As a 14 year old, armed with a beautiful puppy, my family trekked to Eyemouth for a Scottish stay. Set in an old creaking house that reminded me of Crickley Hall, I could be found playing in the sand dunes cliffs with my bouncing puppy as we rushed down to the sea.


4) Lake Districts

A staple of my earlier childhood. From the ages of 5-10, my family owned a timeshare in the Lake Districts. A beautiful chalet overlooking the river (I forget the name) in Keswick, my cousin and I would be frolicking in the watery goodness. A funny story is that everytime I went out in my swim shorts, I never fell in and got wet, whereas if I just simply rolled up my trousers, I would fall in and get wet. I learnt the meaning of sod’s law that holiday!

Another great activity we did in the Lake District was to climb the mountains and hills in our woolly jumpers. Aw, look at us, aren’t we cute!


Lots of climbing means one thing…RUNNING DOWNHILL! Woo woo! And probably giving my parents a heart attack!

I started my model posing from a very young age…


5) Buxton, Derbyshire

Derbyshire will always be close to our family’s heart. We love going there and more recently and excitedly, I returned to the Derbyshire Dales to see my friends. .

One of our favourite places in Derbyshire is Buxton. Renowned for its spring water, this historic town has a lot to offer for you to achieve perfect englishness. Stop in a tearoom and have plenty and plenty and even more plenty of scones! As a kid, I didn’t complain!

What do you think is your favourite 5 places for British Holidays when you were a child?