Yay, I’m finally going to South America! This will be my 5th Continent that I would be found in this last year other than Africa and Antarctica. I’m so excited!

So excited, that imagine my cry of disappointment when I couldn’t catch my flight as scheduled and had to leave a day later. Stupid Snow. Check out my hilarious vlog about it.

So primed for my flight with KLM at 2.30 in the morning(!), I caught a taxi from my house where I left a somewhat cheerful set of parents gleefully waving me off (perhaps they realised they can finally have first dibs on food), I chatted to the taxi driver taking me to the airport in his overpowerfully air freshened car. He became insanely jealous of my trip and it showed when he pressed the gas pedal to be hurling faster than the speed limit. Maybe I shouldn’t gleefully tell people in the UK…it’s been snowing and rubbing their faces that I’m going to be in a country with 30 degrees more heat is probably not a great idea…particularly if they’ve got your life in their hands in a deathtrap of a vehicle. Shakingly climbing out, I paid my fare and strode my way into Humberside Airport after laughing at the Thuderbirds 3 vehicle plonked at the entrance. And good news! I was early! EARLY! For a flight! Many times I’ve just been on time or even slightly late but here I am…EARLY! So early that the checkout desk hasn’t opened yet.



Mingling around and taking my picture to prove a point I’m early, the checkout desk opened and I tried again to outrageously get a better seat (upgrade please?) but it wasn’t to be. Some day I’ll get a better seat.

Going through all the airport requirements (baggage, security and duty free), the plane was finally on time to leave to Amsterdam. This will take 1hr10m. And oh, did I tell you that my seat buddy next to me had a massive fear of flying? My plans for a quick catnap was ruined when he persistently grabbed me everytime the plane dipped, hit turbulence or even swung round. Making soothing noises, I had to engage him in awkward social conversation. Maybe I shouldn’t talk to him about death. So I did.

Landing at Amsterdam Schnipol Airport (a bloody gigantic one that is), it took me 30mins to walk to my next gate and again, had to go through the necessary airport requirements. This now left me to do one thing, perv at the hot Europeans about. It was like all of Monaco and San Marino came to have a holiday at the airport. Glamourous, well toned and doing amazing things with their shiny hair, I would have abandoned my flight to get another one with them I suppose. But that would be wrong…


Anyhow, boarding on another KLM flight with hot dutch stewardesses, I wouldn’t be complaining. But this would prove to be the longest flight ever in my life. 14 HOURS. From Amsterdam to Buenos Aires. Oh hell, how would I cope? My tenacious feelings about it would prove to be warranted when I had 2 chinese toddlers repeatedly kicking my seat from behind me. And we haven’t even took off. Oh, hell. I looked across at my seat buddy, also feeling the same thing I’m feeling and we bonded over our mutual hatred of chinese toddlers. Big time. From Argentina, he has stayed with his romanian fiance, and he was excitedly telling me all about getting married next month in Argentina when she comes. Bless him. His mother tongue is spanish but between us, we managed to forge a good conversation in both English and Spanish (Spanglish?) and it was a big focus in conversation…about languages. Great guy to talk to to whttle away the hours.

Food was served on a regulr basis and I had no complaints. The entertainment wasn’t too bad but I had to watch foreign movies to get the english subtitles as no subtitles was provided for english films. And don’t get me started on the headphones system. Different plugs means I cannot use my deaf headphones…grumble grumble.

The hours seem to melt away but after I wold feel had gone a long time, I would check out the flight information and would be surprised we hadn’t even got halfway…oh well, maybe I should sleep?

My wish wasn’t granted. More Chinese toddlers came out of where striking against their lazy mothers, who simply went straight to sleep, leaving their kids to run literally riot on the plane. Running up and down, banging cups against seats, screaming wildly and climbing on seats still with people in them, I didn’t exactly get to sleep. Urgh. I simply tried to make one of them cry with my cold stares but they still kept on laughing at me. By gum.

I must have entered into a trance after we passed the equator (tt’s summer now!), as I simply do not remember what I did before we got to Buenos Aires. But I do know I didn’t fall asleep.

But we were here! 14 hours! Exchanging contact details with my first Argentinan buddy, I stepped out of the plane, excited, and ready to take on the next leg of my travelling. 🙂 Buenos Aires here I come!