24th January 2013


Yes, I was excitedly awaiting to watch a tango show! After a day of wandering around in Buenos Aires, it was time to wowed over by the glitzy and Glamourous of Buenos Aires – the tango show.


This is the city where the tango was invented. Full of passion, charm and wanting, this is truly the dance for those who likes some spice in their lives and this time, I’m not taking about the Spice Girls despite their Wannabe.


Grabbing the Subtre to Uruguay (a district in BsAs), and a few blocks to walk I was recommended to visit an authentic tango show rather than a spectacularly over the top shows that charge you an arm and a leg to pay and see. This would be more subtle and a more local feel. Where? Los 36 Billares, an old-time historic hall that underground holds so many billards tables. But the main action is upstairs in the restaurant.

Paying an entrance fee, we were shown to a small table in front of the stage and ordered a nice bottle of Mendoza Red, which went so smoothly and regrettably too quickly between the three of us. We also played Guess the Food as again everything was in Spanish, and between us 3 we all got 3 heavily based cheese food. They were only appetisers and after sharing it all out, we were well and truly stuffed!


Now the action started. I didn’t have any expectation what it was going to be like perhaps a little from watching the Strictly Come Dancing Shows but this show would prove to be something else…

It all kicked off with a man berating all of us in Spanish to the small audience. At a loss, we looked at each other and realised that we didn’t clap him on. He stormed off and strode back on and this time we had to clap so hard and cheer. He smiled. Then he brought on the compere for the night, Roberto, who strode on and postured keenly in his cowboy outfit complete with hat which everything was star studded. I thought he was just a bad dresser with wannabe cowboy tendencies until I glanced at the flyer and realised he was a fashion designer. So why would a fashion designer be in this show? Everything was in Spanish so I couldn’t really follow what was being said but I did have a good time. He sang a song, oh so he’s a singer, followed with a piano player and an accordion artist. Then the first tango dance came on, they were very artistic and didn’t really require a huge stage, just a small mat and themselves which they draped with each other very now and again.


But Roberto was still with us. And my goodness, he likes to talk. He began by commentating on the tango costumes and then went off on a complete tangent on something else. Luckily, he was joined by a female singer who sang a lot of the Evita songs in Spanish. It was really very powerful and even I became a little misty eyed despite many women in the audience bursting into tears. Check out the video I made.


What had us in hysterics was that Roberto took off his hat and a big proportion of blonde locks cascaded down his head and shoulders. At one point both of them were preening with their hair with their hands. Finally, he put everything into a ponytail and he just looked so ‘unique’ with his outfit!

She went offstage, and another tango dance was performed but only by the woman on her own dressed in a spidery outfit. Then Roberto talked a lot. Another dance came, this time only the man dancing with the wooden chair. It’s pretty daring as he stripped straight down to his boxers and acted drunk. It was a riveting performance and they would gasps of ‘oh my!’ as he did feats not many men would do…


Then came the most random part of the show. A drag queen clopped on in oversized heels and…I guess they did a comedy duo show..but nobody was laughing. It went on for absolutely ages!!! Feeling tired from today’s activities, I could feel myself falling asleep and even more asleep. Looking over at Auston and David, I could tell both of them were feeling the same snd I’m sure all of us 3 were praying for this section to be over!


Then came an energetic tango dance, which I thought was absolutely smashing in their posh outfits. They really are good dancers and I became absolutely envious of them.


They walked off stage, and Roberto started talking again, oh no! He sang a song and this weird clown like character came on stage to act out the song. Hmm, it was a little Bizarre. At that point, it was late and the 3 of us thought of leaving if Roberto continued to talk even more but luckily, we didn’t as we would have missed the best song of the night. A large guy came on stage and they talked and did a small song together, which was okay. I remember thinking ‘oh that’s nice, letting the big guy have a sing song,’ BUT when the large guy sang a solo piece away from Roberto, IT WAS SO AWESOME! He was an opera singer and he really belted his guts out. We were blown away and our mouths hung open in amazement. I forgot to take a video recording as it was that good! He immediately got a standing ovation from everyone in the audience and the clapping went on far longer than Roberto would have liked, seeing flashes of Jealousy cut across his face.


At that was it, the end of the show, after another tango dance! We clapped as all the ensemble came on, only a little for Roberto.


Leaving the premises, I can honestly say that was a fantastic night despite Roberto’s endless talks but it was a good experience to experience a tango variety show and be in the midst of all the locals who experienced it also.


Now,me were wiped out, hailing a taxi back to the hotel, we needed to be up a little early for the Buenos Aires free walking tour we had planned for the day.