25th January 2012


Okay, you’re famished, dying of thirst for wine and you want to know what to do after walking around for ages on a free tour. Bad news. The evening doesn’t start until much later than you think! Actually, it is the norm to go out for dinner at 10pm?! Then afterwards, head out to the bars and you shouldn’t be surprised that nothing really gets going until about 12am-1am! Doesn’t these crazy Argentineans have to go to work the next morning?!


Anyway, all of us went to try out a bar. Not surprising we picked the one with Happy Hour!

We ended up tasting some Red Beer! Remember to treat your waiter with respect. We did and when we couldn’t pay due to the till not momentarily working, he got us some free beers instead to wait. I ain’t complaining!
A great staple of Argentinean nightlife. Live music. I love love live music and it was good to get into the groove and feel absolutely chilled out. I tried to sing but it would bring the entire house down!
These crazy Argentineans like to put…Beer…in…Wine Glasses?!
We’re not complaining for free beer!

If you’re feeling tired, and want to chill out in the comfort of your room, buy a bottle of the good stuff. It’s only the equivalent of £2.60!

So this is what we did. I like the relaxed pace of a great evening out in Buenos Aires compared to that back home where it’s too fast, move quickly between bars and try to drink as much as you can.

With that in mind, it’s time for sleep as we shall be visiting the poor side of town tomorrow…