26th January 2013

Yes, after a long day spent NOT getting robbed in La Boca, it was time to leave Buenos Aires and I wasn’t really looking forward to it. You see, I hate buses with a passion. It’s the ultimate backpacker way to travel and I WANT to do it but after sitting down, therein lies my problem when I find myself smacking my legs onto the arm rest on the side of the seat in front of me. Leg room. I’m a pretty tall guy, and a good looking one as well I have you know. So spending at least 10 hours on a bus and feeling my legs turn numb and blue, you can’t help agree with me on my dread to get the bus. Read my Hue to Hanoi trip and you will be paying for me to go first class on a plane.


But that day I couldn’t. Strapping myself in at the Retiro Bus Station after condemning the luggage guy for cheekily asking for a tip because I’m tall and white, I was in utter shock. There was massive leg room. Even enough to lift my leg up and down. More so, the seat in front had a compartment in the back in which you can pull down and hey presto, it’s a build in foot rest and you can stretch out into the seat in front of you! Thank you Central Argentinias for getting me to enjoy a fantastic bus ride!

So what seat did I get? Well I got the semi-cama which means a seat that leans back at a 45 degree angle. It was okay. Just as long it had the leg space, I could sleep in that position. Another option was to get the cama – wider seats and more lean back. And perhaps get food for the journey as well. But this would prove to be more expensive. And figuring out our Argentina travels, we decided to do the cama for the longer journey later.


But for now, Central Argentinas, 14 hours from Buenos Aires to Mendoza overnight? I recommend it. Now, I got to go to sleep after waving off Buenos Aires in the sunset 🙂



See you in Mendoza!