29th January 2013


One of the best things to eat in Argentina is having one of their steaks. So I made it my mission to become Man vs Food like and order a massive steak!


Taking advice from Mark, one of my friends who I met travelling in SE Asia, who went to Argentina before Xmas, I went to his favourite restaurant in Mendoza.


Looking over the menu and having my first proper argument with David about the use of Spanish and English in situations, (more about that later), I ordered a 500g steak medium rare. Go hardcore me!


Check it out. I have massive hands and this steak is just as thick as it is long. Yum yum!


It was truly delicious and the cut was just tremendous. I had some rice on the side but the steak was my Everest to climb. But I had to concede defeat. I asked for a doggy bag to take the rest of it home. Awkward!


But with copious amounts of red wine, I was well and truly stuffed.


I was about to give birth to a cow…and I would certainly moo!