Here´s a guest post about the wonder of traveling in possibly one of the Mediterranean´s forgotten islands. Crete. I would absolutely love to go there as there holds the first thing that got me into studying history… the Minoans.. enjoy!  


Today is life, tomorrow never comes

Crete is best known for its sunny beaches and summer resorts which make the island one of the most popular tourist destinations in the area. What many don’t know is that apart from the overpopulated resorts in Crete there is also a place that makes Crete perfect for a romantic get-away this Valentine’s Day. And that place is Matala.


How to get there

If you arrive at Heraklion airport the best option would be to hire a car. Matala is located 75 km south-west of Heraklion and driving there will take approximately 1hour and 45 minutes. The fuel is cheap (around £10 to get there) and with a car hire offer you can definitely save some money.


Romantic things to do:

While you’re there, decide to live by Matala’s motto: Today is life, tomorrow never comes. The writing was made by the hippies in the ‘60s so the city is breathing freedom and relaxation. Take a deep breath and enjoy a day at the beach getting that perfect natural suntan everybody at home wish they had.


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1.      Candle light dinner

The best restaurant to go to in Matala is Scala. For fish lovers in particular, this place offers the best seafood in the city. Accompanied by spectacular views, friendly owners (Manolis and Maria) and staff and traditional dishes made by old family recipes, there is no other place you could have that special romantic dinner on Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry if seafood is not particularly your cup of tea as they also have delicious meat or vegetarian meals.

Quirky fact: If you return to Scala the following year the owners will remember your names and what you ate.


 2.      The Hippie Caves

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It is said the caves are from the Neolithic era and have been used as Roman tombs followed by the hippies in the 1960s, who used the caves as a hangout place before being chased away. The caves are interesting and for the adventurist in you, they make amazing diving cliffs. It’s a great place to get that “flower power” feeling.

Quirky fact: The place is famous due to “Carey” as Joni Mitchell wrote about it.


3.      The red sunset

At the South of Matala, over the hill you can find the Red beach. You start at the Old Church and walk up the hill which is marked with red signs. The climb only takes around 10 minutes and it’s pretty easy and worthwhile. Once up the hill, at sunset, you will have a breath-taking view of the sun going down under the island of Paximadia and the surroundings become red like roses.


Don’t forget

If you get a hire car in Crete you have to pay attention to the most important road rule they have: Slow Down, move to the right side of the curb line and let the cars that are approaching fast behind you to pass. It may sound weird but it is considered a driving courtesy. And this happens on all roads: highways, one lane, two lanes, you name it.

Also remember to search for offers. There are some good offers for hire cars from Holiday Autos every month. The Crete discount is up to 20% and you can get it very easy, so you can spend more with that special someone this Valentine’s Day.