1st – 2nd February 2013


Gutted we couldn’ty stay in Cordoba for longer after a great introduction to the city, we knew we had to go. I could have stomped my feet and bauled like a baby and perhaps even have done the dreaded tantrum. Sniff, sniff, it’s NOT Fair! I wanted there and then to grab my international phone from SIMSmart and make a call to my mum to soothe me.

But as Dave and Auston pointed out to me, we are on a strict time scale. We needed to be in Rio in Brazil by 7th February as we had booked accommodation there ready for the Carnaval. Carnaval?! I could then wipe away my brimming tears and my snotty nose and put on a winning smile. Off we go. We had to leave early this day, not at late evenings as we did for overnight travel, but this again is overnight travel and this would prove to be the longest journey by far. So long, that I managed to convince Auston and Dave to break the bank and buy ourselves some lush comfy CAMA seats. This is good. More than good, precisely. It meant more leg room, food service and even the seats go further back! So my attempt to sleep on this bus will be a hell of a lot easier!

This has undoubtedly became a funny trip indeed. Settling in, we were soon greeted with our dinner…cheese and ham sandwiches…not this again! And we settled back to watch some movies on the tvs onboard. But one snag…the sound was 7 seconds in front of the picture. So we could be watching a love scene and then all of a sudden we would hear crashes and explosions until 7 seconds later when it did happen. I was also introduced to Battleships, a Rihanna movie, that was so bad that it had to be good! Dave and I would be in hysterics. Sleep wise, we were pretty fine. Woken up again to be greeted with breakfast…please don’t let there be ham and cheese sandwiches, please don’t let there be ham and cheese sandwiches….imagine my delight when I saw there were croissants! I high-fived Dave with a grinning face…only to drop when we realised what was IN the croissant…ham and cheese. Seriously, Argentina, you have Spanish and Italian influences, how about a paella pizza?!

So where did we arrive? Puerto Iguazu, or commonly known Iguazu Falls. The best waterfalls to be seen. Beat that Victoria. Getting there late morning, we found our hostel and being so wiped out, we decided to explore the falls the next day after a well earned rest…you do need a rest from Rhianna’s acting of course.

So what did we do. According to my guidebook, this is the place to be. Even Brazilians come here to party. Glancing from my book, I highly suspected this. Walking off, we were soon in hysterics when a massive Alsatian dog came booming and barking at us from behind a gate making us jump and run away slightly until the next door when another bark came from there and came running at the gate. A very small terrier. It was so amusing and so funny, we fell about in hysterics. SUCH FUN! Okay, I know you might be scratching your head and wondering why it’s THAT funny, but you just had to be there.

After scarfing down a meal, we decided to head to a sacred point for all backpackers. To get 3 countries at your fingertips. If you go west out of Puerto Iguazu along the riverside road, you will definitely see what I’m talking about. THIS.


3 countries

So what am I doing? Well, I’m sitting on Argentina, with my left hand I’m pointing to Paraguay and with my right hand I’m pointing to Brazil! AWESOME!

Of course, all 3 of us decided to take this opportunity to do some appropriate posing. But first, if you want a laugh at my expense, watch this video.

Of course, we got our result…

3 countries

So ready to see more posing me? Come on, you know you want to. It’s been a long time since I did anything so MODEL Like…

3 countries

Check out my Guns!

3 countries

The cute over-the-shoulder look

3 countries

How about going for the ultimate camp pose?

So with that done and invigorated our travel wanderlust, we did the next best thing, go for some drinks to celebrate. So what shall I have, a large beer or a wine bottle?

Maybe I should go for both. After all, it’s not right to be trying only one offer… we ended up having another round because of monsoon rains splattering on the roads creating a health and safety issue we decided so another one please hombre!

So what did we do for the rest of the evening? Not a lot as we wanted to be up early for our visit to the waterfalls, only just recounting our travel stories to each other round the pool at our hostel whilst mercilessly getting bit by Mozzies. For that, i felt today was a good day 🙂

P.S. You have to read TwoBadTourists’s account of eating Guinea Pigs in Peru on New Year’s Eve!