3rd February 2013


I’ll tell you this. Iguazu Falls is AMAZING! So good that I’m doing another post about it other than the Vlog I did about my whole time in the area in Iguazu Falls.


Leaving early, shock and horror, I managed to drag out the two bad tourists out before 11am! Woop woop! Jumping aboard a bus from Puerto Iguazu’s bus terminal, we were thus taken first to the airport and then towards the National Park where the Iguazu Falls is housed in.

Paying for our tickets, which we were so excited about, can you see the grins on Dave and Auston’s faces? We were hear the see the bestest and did I tell you the bestest waterfalls in the world?! Check out these pics!

Aw, bless them, they still haven’t woken up…

David and I telling you which side of Iguazu Falls belong to which country!

Auston and Dave grinning with delight about their tickets…little do they know that there’s no free puppy included afterwards…

Time to shed the pounds Auston, as he discovered while we were waiting for the train to take us to the Falls.


Our toy train!


Some weird CatFish that I thought looked like Dave. Big Mouths.


Snapped a Kingfisher before it got away. Result!

Devil's Throat

Devil’s Throat – it’s scary to look down…


There’s no escaping from the Argentinian Football Team!

Devil's Throat

Did we realise the devil behind us was about to swallow us?

Iguazu Falls

Maybe we did and that’s why we moved away?

Iguazu Falls

Stunning Views!


Close Up shot of the Butterfly. He was delicious.


A Bird that got Auston’s attention.

Me at Iguazu Falls

Stunning View…of me.


Look there’s a rainbow!

Iguazu Falls

Rare panaramic shot of Iguazu Falls on the Argentinian side

Two Bad Tourists

Yay, Two Bad Tourists are enjoying themselves!

Iguazu Falls

Downstream from the Devil’s Throat…

No Climbing

Auston doesn’t read signs! He likes to live dangerously…

At the end of the day we were pooped. The humidity was the most intense I’ve ever felt and just walking a few steps was enough to bathe me in sweat 3 times over!

Getting back to the hostel mid-afternoon, we decided to do our only border crossing together, from Argentina to Brazil. We knew that we didn’t have to rush because the guidebook said it would be an easy 35 min process to get across the border and to your next hostel. Now, guidebooks are right…..right? We were soon to find out…