As much as I’m afraid to admit it. I do go to london a lot. A HELL of a lot. At least 5 times a year I would reckon. But being an ancient 27-year-old (I’m getting close to 30 sob sob sob!), I’ve become accustomed to London and it’s become not at all a surprise to find myself going to the same places in London. Not as a tourist mind but as a regular visitor to London for either visiting friends or attending events.

Maybe I should look into booking myself online at a hotel and have everyone come into me instead and not being found at my haunts. Someone actually tracked me down hearing I was in London because I was that predictable!

So I should tell you the top 5 areas in London that I could be found in. See if you can track me down…



5. Finsbury Park

This Northern London district has a multitude of culinary delights. I can often be found in the vegetarian restaurants there as it’s so dirt cheap for absolutely great value! Also, check out the pubs there, I can be found sipping on the local brews and declaring my judgement on them. Mostly in the evening, you’ll be able to find me there unless I’m partying.


4. Green Park

It’s summer and the sun shining. The best place to go for sunbathing I reckon without getting too disturbed. Often, I would be skipping through the flowers and having a nice little picnic with some friends. It would be all such a laugh. Even I can come here in Winter and watch the geese and ducks try to break the ice thus falling over on their backs. It’s amusing.


3. Covent Garden

Best place to grab a coffee I reckon. I don’t care about the price, it’s worth it. So if it’s daytime and you want to find me, you can probably most likely find me in one of the coffee shops surrounding the plaza. I might be the one heckling the street entertainers as well. But I enjoy being there despite being it a tourist destination thanks to the draw of the markets there but I enjoy theĀ  jovial atmosphere.


2. Southbank

If I fancy a walk or, terrifyingly, a jog, Southbank is the best place to go. I love People watching and I do think you get a mix of people who will fascinate you. Unless you get caught up in a crowd of Asians holding iPads in front of them to take pictures of the London Eye or Big Ben from afar. But what I really enjoy is being next to the River Thames. I love being close to water. What can I say, I’m a water baby.


1. Buckingham Palace

Of course, I do have to visit the relations! That reminds me, I need to bring some treats for the Corgis…


So that brings up my top 5 places to be. What’s yours?