4th -5th February 2013


So as we left Foz de Iguazu without any hitches, we were on our way to Sao Paolo that would take us overnight to get there. Despite a sassy brazilian woman sitting in front of us calling us idiots repeatedly (we’re not idiots right?), we arrived in Sao Paolo the next morning around about 11.30am. However, we weren’t to stay here as we wanted to continue on to get to Parati, a small colonial town on the Atlantic coast, south of Rio. This meant getting on another bus and as we arrived in the terminal, we were told that we were in the wrong terminal to get the next bus and we had to go all the way there via the tube, tired and unshowered.

As we went along the tube, I definitely felt like I wanted a Caipirinha. I think we were addicted to it…I think the photo below shows we are…


But anyway, we ran into some difficulties when we got to Sao Paolo and also on the journey out of Sao Paolo to get to our destination of Parati. Let me tell you about it over video in my next VLOG!

By the way, 2 points to note when watching the video:

1) I’m pointing at the wrong noticeboard, it should be the one next to it. But I was that tired, I got confused.

2) The place we were in when I was recording is called Ubatuba. You can see how that is a tongue twister…



Meanwhile, we got to Parati safe and sound at the Caipirinha drinking hour of 10.30pm! What a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong day! I’ll tell you more about our arrival in the next post of the South American trip!