Well hello!

Now that I’ve got back home from Brazil and their wonderful beaches, it got me thinking.

I’ve been to a lot of beaches in the last year and I’m wondering, what were the best beaches that I went to or even, what’s the top 10?!

So after compiling all the beaches I went to, I’ve narrowed down to just 10. It wasn’t any mean feat, but I give you this. 10 pure adulterated sun tanning beaches where you could strut your stuff whether in speedos, board shorts or perhaps an arctic onesie!


10. Abel Tasman Park, New Zealand

Abel tasman

This beautiful beach on the northern tip of the South Island of  New Zealand is as pure as the beaches come. Situated in the middle of a national park, you will find this beach is very unspoiled whatsoever. To get here, you need to come by a speedtaxiboat!


9. Cathedral Beach, New Zealand

Coromandel Coast

 Again, in New Zealand, the Coromandel Coast offers this delightful beach called Cathedral Beach. A massive rock formation that looks just like the right height for a Cathedral, you can boom and echo your way through this hole in the wall and find yourself on a sandy beach to relax on. And to pose…


8. Copacabana Beach, Brazil

Copacabana Beach

 It’s speedo time on Copacabana Beach! Watch out for the rip-roaring waves as they try to suck you under but the main action is not there but rather perv watching the beautiful bodies that saunter by with as much minimal clothing they can offer! I decided to get into that action. What do you think?


7. Ipanema Beach, Brazil


Still keeping with the Brazilian Theme, this Ipanema Beach is a stone’s throw away from Copacabana Beach. It’s cheaper, it’s where the locals go and especially more variety! Caipirinha stands all over offers delight to visitors who will get addicted to this tasty sugary drink!


6. 90 mile beach, New Zealand

90 Mile beach

Harking back to New Zealand, go right up to the very north of New Zealand and you will discover this 90 mile beach that seems to go on and on. Drive 4X4 vehicles as they dig up the sand as you drive on the beach and watch out for the sandboarders!


5. Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi an

A true paradise in very hot weather. Beach restaurants spring up all over the sand and you are spoiled for choice to pick what to have. This food I’m eating there had to be the best food that I’ve eaten in SE Asia!


4. Cape Tribulation, Australia

Cape Trib

Surprisingly, only 1 Australian Beach in this list. But Cape Tribulation has come far. Historically where Captain James Cook became stranded, this beach is a mission to get to after crossing the Daintree River, infested with crocs, and you are surely rewarded with a panoramic view of this remote place.


3. Ko Tao, Thailand

Ko Tao

Undoubtedly, my favourite beach of SE Asia. Pure white sand that’s like water offers a beautiful stay in bungalows close to the sea 🙂


2. Mantaray Island, Fiji


 The best place to snorkel by a margin. This island of Fiji to the north-west of the mainland offers a fantastic coral beach that you will be able to find Nemo and especially some Rays. Also, plenty of games, partying, and dinners are served on the beach. Truly a magical place.


1. Hornsea, UK


My local beach! Rocky, brown and freezing water. I don’t care. It’s where I spent many a day growing up and still continue to visit. I love Hornsea.


I hope this time next year, I’ll be able to revise this list as I’m pretty sure I will be going to even more beaches! Where do I think? Well, I pretty much would like to go to those destinations where it’s just pure beaches. Maybe the Maldives, or Cape Verde. But best yet, I hear the Seychelles will offer me pure unadulterated beaches by doing  island hopping like here, and discover several islands in one trip!

What do you think? Which beaches do you think I should go to?