8th – 9th February 2013


I hinted in my last post of blogging in Rio about the Lapa Street Parties after we got our work and sleeping done. So here’s the post 🙂

Well, as soon as we finished our work, we went to meet up with some friends of Auston and Dave’s as they met each other in Japan. British Girls! Auston and Dave was amused and mortified at the prospect of united a British bloke (me) with some British girls and fuse to become GREAT Britain! Oh, how witty am I?!

A meet up in Copacabana, we headed on out to Lapa, a stone’s throw away from Santa Teresa, to enjoy the many street parties that we would see over the next few days throughout Carnaval. To give you an idea, watch this video:


Pretty neat eh?

It really felt like such a festival atmosphere. We listened to music, bopped out some moves, then grabbed an x-Tudo burger (so nice!), drank some more Caipirinhas, and then repeat process. You also get to speak with other people from around the world who mistook me for being Israeli. (seriously, why don’t I look British? I look anything but!) and best of all, mingle with the Brazilian locals who want to have a good time listening to the samba music.

The next day, after sleeping in, we headed on out to watch a parade at Ipanema Beach, one of the 2 main beaches of Rio after Copacabana. We were suggested to go to Ipanema as it was less touristy, cheaper, and this is where the locals and the more authentic parade would be. It was absolutely hilarious to see everyone dressed up. I wished I brought my iPhone but there were to be too many pickpockets around to ease my suspicions so I didn’t take it out. Don’t worry, I took it out for the second parade later on in the week.

But as you can see the crowds were insane. Check it the pics, thanks to Dave of TwoBadTourists for them 🙂

Great weather, great company and wackiness abounds. We certainly had a great time. We left the parade early after they set off but we ran on the beach and into the g-force waves that swirled us around everywhere. For me, it was a great introduction to party life in Rio and I’m now ready for the big one later on this week…


And guess what, I got introduced to a Churros for the first time…yumminness central! It’s basically fried dough with caramel or chocolate squirted in the middle. Mmmmm, sugary goodness means bad for my expanding tummy!


See you at the next post about a piece of cultural heritage. After all, we aren’t just here to party. Pssssshh.