Reading an article about the world’s best nightlife cities, I thought about the top 5 places that I’ve travelled to in the last year that offered me the best nightlife.

For me, nightlife isn’t about pumping up and down on the dance floor in shrieking ‘house’ music in just my sweat sodden jeans and gyrating topless with a girl whose clumpy hair covers her face that you’re wondering if she’s worth kissing or not. Most of the time it isn’t. Stumbling out of the club, you’re forced to stand there freezingly in the rain, trying to flag down a taxi and at the same time making sure your friend isn’t sick on himself….and you. Mmmmm, I so want to do that…not.

So, much to my delight, this sort of nightlife was not that common in my trotting around the world, it was much more relaxed and much more interactive. So interactive that I can actually have a conversation with someone without ripping out my vocal cords from my throat by the pure effort to get yourself heard over the ‘noise’. My favourite places to frequent are cocktail bars. Classy, sleek, and sexy (why are we describing me?), this is where I truly want to be with my friends and potential ‘happy’ friends. From the shores of Sydney, to the colourful samba of Rio de Janeiro, there are cocktail bars that’s worth checking out and if you want to know more, click here for cocktail bars in the world.

So what are my top 5 cities to have a cocktail in…here they are…. drumroll please!


5. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dressed up the nines, I heartedly recommend you go up to the Skybar on top of Traders Hotel in the capital of Malaysia. Why? You get to see the fantastic views of the Petronas Towers up close across the square. A very classy kind of place, did I tell you there’s a swimming pool in the centre of the bar that’s lit up all erotically? Check out how we headed to the Skybar here. Skybar. Even that name is enough for you to headed there. Surely, we want to check out the twinkling lights of the capital displayed before us with the Towers in full view?



4. Munich, Germany

Okay, okay, you may be getting ready to tie up that noose and send a lynch mob after me, in no way should I be found in a cocktail bar in the beer centre of Europe. Beer, Beer, Beer! Shhh, it’s okay. I did have beer in this cocktail bar. I’m not stupid you know. So why did I end up in a cocktail bar in Munich? Well, it was a Sunday, and it was my birthday. Everywhere was closed. Even the beer gardens. I was not impressed whatsoever so here I was walking around the dark empty streets of this Bavarian town with my housemate and we couldn’t find anything decent and classy. Until we heard a ‘duff duff duff’ (not Eastenders theme) but the faint muffled sound of music. Lo, and behold, a cocktail bar! There all night, we had an amazing time meeting backpackers from all round the world and exchanged details to turn into friendships. To this day, I’ve no idea what the bar was called. But it was one of the best places I’ve travelled to that ended in a great nightlife event 🙂



3. Bangkok, Thailand

Again. Another Skybar. This time in the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. Famed for its seedy and outrageously nightlife, this gem of a place stands out above heads and shoulders. Literally. It’s a Skybar. Head on over to the State Tower and grab a lift to the top and step out into the air outside. It was one of those moments that I truly felt my breath was taken away. The expanse of the city sprawled in all directions, you will stammer and splutter as you walk to the bar that juts out of the side of the tower for you to simply look down. It’s absolutely amazing. Check out my story here.



2. Sydney, Australia

Landing in Sydney, I was duly promised by my good mate, Mark, that we shall have a good time tonight. Okay! I replied enthusiastically. But we would never realise then, how amazing our nightlife trips would be. Attending plenty of bars, I was rather impressed by the level of detail that went into them. It seemed the main style of bars were urban chic. Nightclubs that made you feel at home. Sofas everywhere, lampshades, wall ornaments and plenty more. Grabbing a cocktail, it’s easy to believe that you own the place and that you’re sexy in Sydney and you know it! Plus, you’ll never know who you might bump into. I had the fortune to bump into the National Netball team as they were celebrating their return from London 2012 Olympics. Check out my post about it here!



1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Recently, this month to be precise, I visited this city in the throes of Carnaval and of course, what’s better place to party than on the streets with a nice, cold refreshing beer in hand? WRONG. Spit out that beer, throw the can at a very annoying person and replace it with a nice cold and refreshing Caipirinha. It’s the best cocktail I’ve ever had. How to describe it. It’s like having a party in your mouth! So addicted had I become to this cocktail that it came to no surprise that the whole of Rio is basically one big massive bar in its own right! But have no fear, there’s still plenty of activities and sights to see that doesn’t quite need a Caipirinha….just. Check out my recent post on the Lapa Steps!



So there you have it. The best travel night spots for me. What’s yours?