Now that I’m back in he Uk, my thoughts of travel have turned to the continent of Europe…but not quite just’s still too cold. But that doesn’t stop me from finding tips from others about travelling around Europe. This guest post tells me what I can just do with a Brussels Discount Card….interesting….


Being one of the most visited countries in Europe, Belgium developed a well-designed discount system. Just as other countries in EU, the income from tourism in Belgium is pretty significant, so in order to attract even more visitors there is a Brussels card.

Brussels card is a system of discounts that works in most of touristic zones. Thanks to the card you can get a meal at Belgium restaurants twice as less, or get a free entry to one of the sightseeing spots. It also saves a bit of money for transport, which is pretty expensive in the country. In total there are 3 types of cards: 24 hours, 48 and 72 hours. The price varies from 24 Euro to 40 Euros. The last one includes about 30 museums and many there interesting places. Now let’s see what you can do with Brussels card.




Getting around Brussels can cost you some, but if you have Brussels card you are free to take any kind of transport like metro, trams and busses without of charge.



Brussels malls, stores and shops that are about tourism give 5, 10 and 20 % discount for such popular stuff as Belgian chocolate, souvenirs and postcards. The card extends to such places as pubs where you can try over 300 beer breweries half price.



Bars and cafes in Brussels are also interested in tourists; many places provide 30 % discounts or a second beer for free if they have a tourist card. Don’t forget to use your card in chocolate cafes as it allows you to watch chocolate demonstrations for free. You can also ask for a refill if you ordered more than 3 cups.



And of course the biggest advantage of Brussels card is sightseeing. As it was mentioned before more than 30 museums are in the free entrance program. An incredibly large list is added by 10 sightseeing spots, with each of it costing not less than 5 Euros. Great architectural spots are combined with cultural, this way you will get to know Belgian culture and history that is widely presented in most of sightseeing places. When visiting museums remember that most places are closed on Mondays, so it’s better to visit another places like World Heritage Spot Grand place. An exceptional place in sightseeing is taken by a fortress of UE and NATO, which are very difficult to enter. Nevertheless with Brussels card you can visit some of the area.