10th February 2013


So it was about time to do something cultural in Rio de Janeiro for a change. Partying too much the last 2 nights had certainly taken its toll on us especially after the whole Banda de Ipanema Parade the previous day.

So taking the courage to take my iphone out of my hostel, glancing all around me for potential muggers…’could that old lady with 2 walking sticks be one? Is she putting on an act?’… I became slightly ok that everything will be fine. I mean, if David’s hadn’t been mugged yet then they would be stupid not to pass up an opportunity. Well known for whipping out his iphone in the middle of the night in full view of everyone, I did become annoyed that he might make us get robbed but so far so good.

So where did we go? Well, we went to just round the corner from our hostel through Santa Teresa into Lapa and took a side street to Rio’s most famous staircase, the Escadaria de Selaron. Very colourful indeed. Buzzing with crowds, we explored every step. Why? Because it’s absolutely covered in tiles from around the world. Since 1990, an eccentric Chilean artist made it his mission to cover ALL 215 steps from Santa Teresa to Lapa with mosaic like tiles from all around the world. He finished in 2010 I think but it must have been very tedious for him!

What was interestingly enough that this cultural fixture has been tainted with advertisements. Coca Cola, Beer companies, etc all take up strategic points. Was he sponsored? Check out my VLOG on this.



Furthermore, it’s a great chance to do some modelling and photography work under the glare of the midday sun. It was sooooooooooooooooooooooo hot! Dave and I had to stop at every single shade to recover! Auston had to stay at the hostel unfortunately as he was pushed last night and badly sprained his ankle. Bless him. Check out the mean pics!













Pretty sweet photos eh?


After boiling under the sun, we headed back to the hostel but our plans soon changed when we saw a Carnaval Parade. Why not? Let’s join in! Check out the activity!