13th February 2013


After my Favela Tour of the day, I spied a huge opportunity. A HUGE one that is. We got dropped off in Copacabana Beach. Despite many successful attempts by Dave and Austin of TwoBadTourists to stop me buying a pair of speedos and strutting my stuff on the white sand, I WON! I WON! I WON!

You may remember from my first VLOG that I was determined to do a bucket list item of wearing speedos on Copacabana Beach. So I did! I was so pleased with myself. So how did I do this?

Well, we were dropped off at the front of the beach, I simply declared that there was enough time for me to go and buy some speedos and go for a dip in the sea surrounding Rio de Janeiro. Both Dave and Austin looked at me incredulously and tried to get me to move. They’ve been successful as I would spot some cheap speedos on offer and instead would wave a Churro in my face to distract me. Or better yet, a Caipirinha. But as today is the last full day I have in South America, I just couldn’t just give up. I told everyone that I would do this and I would simply look like a sheepish fool, a big handsome sheepish fool. No, we don’t want that.

Realising that this Iron Man was not about to move, Auston did a hissy fit and did not want to be seen with me wearing speedos so off he went back to the hostel. Aw diddums. 😛

But I managed to convince Dave that, this lordship wearing speedos is a great thing. Also, I wanted a photographer…

Anyway, after a drink of Caipirinhas on the beach itself to steady the nerves, it was time. The sun was about to set and daylight was ticking away. Well, this video will have you either drop your mouths in awe or have you tickling away with laughter on the floor. Enjoy!

I absolutely loved it! Next time I’ll see a beach, I’ll be whipping them out again!

Truly a great LAST Activity of my time in Rio. Meanwhile, enjoy the pics and I’ll tell you in my next post about leaving Brazil.

 The sky is darkening, time to get those speedos!

 Check me out, a sexy thing!

 Obligatory pose…

 Now I’m self conscious!

 It’s Copacabana Beach!

 Thanks to Dave for taking these pics!

 It’s the end of our last full day in Brazil…

 Dave decides to get some speedo action as well.

 Strongman Pose!

 Copacabana Beach