So there you have it, I’m back home in rainy Britain after a fantastic month of travels in Brazil and Argentina, and my bank account has been yet again depleted. For even more travels, I need to save up again. How? I mean, after I came back from my 2012 travels, I ended up saving for 2 months and literally followed my first 5 top tips to save money. Will they work again? Or do I need some new tips?

Well, seeing as I’ve been back home for 2 weeks already, I can tell you already I’ve made some great savings. I’ve made at least £600 already.  Perhaps you should do what I do…

So what are the top 4 tips to save money at this time?


1. Entertainment Selling

In a world where everyone is tightening their pockets, everyone is looking to sell their DVDs, CDs or even sell laptops. However, if everyone is doing it, it’s very hard to get them sold as you have far too much competition. I mean, there’s no point selling on auctioning websites or gumtree…you probably just wasted your time.

However, some entertainment companies are offering to buy these from you at a much reduced price whether it is to recycle or send to third world countries. I won’t name names here but how the procedure works is that you scan the bar code of each CD or DVD to find out the price of the item that they are offering. Once you’ve scanned them all, you are given a total price and you pack them all up to await being picked up by a courier…and voila, it’s sorted.

I’ve made at least £100 from this and that accounts to a 1 week stay in SE Asia. 


2. Ebay

Yes, I did knock this off in the last tip but I wouldn’t really recommend selling DVDs or CDs on here, it’s just too hard. However, if you do have unique things such as collectibles, gadgetry, dresses and antiques then this is the way to go. Quick and easy on your smart phone, you can set up an item to be sold on eBay. But remember to do them at the weekend as it is free insertions fee then 🙂

As I’ve managed to sell my first item on eBay, HUZZAH, I managed to make £35 from it. Goodbye, my Star Wars Books….


So £35. would mean 2 nights stay on Mantaray Island in Fiji. 


3. Car Boot Sales

Clear out your attic, clear out your garage or even ask neighbours and family if they’ve got any crap they want to get rid of. Hold a Car Boot Sale or a Garage Sale even. There’s guaranteed to be a lot of crap people are interested in. I’ll be holding one very soon when the weather gets warmer but from previous car boot sales, I used to remember making at least £200 each time. So check your local newspaper and see when there’s a car boot sale going on. People are looking for bargains and will pay over the odds if they see what they really want.

£200 is enough to do a Bungee Jump and a Skydive in New Zealand. 

Car Boot


4. Back Living with your Family 

You may not like it, but moving back in the family home will do you absolute wonders. I’ve enjoyed moving back in with my family and it’s a good way to re-connect back with them after a long time travelling and living elsewhere.

But what about the finance? The rent will be much cheaper, the bills too. From that, you’ll be able to save at least half of what you were spending before. For me, I would be saving £300 a month.

£300 would go towards for a special offer flight to USA!


So there you have it, the top 4 things to do. It may not seem like much but after a month, you would have saved at least £600. £600 would allow a month’s stay in SE Asia 🙂 Convinced? Get cracking.