It’s no secret that I love my t-shirts when I’m travelling.

Stuffing my backpack and trying to zip it up much to the disbelief of my fellow backpackers who asked rather sarcastically that ‘do I need my 22 t-shirts?’ The answer is YES! A big FAT YES!

I was in heaven when I was in Thailand and I had the means to buy 100 t-shirts for £50. But thanks to my tight-fisted Yorkshireman in me, I managed to control myself and limited to buying £20’s worth. Oops.

So why do I buy them?

Well, people buy bracelets, people buy mementos, people buy art, people buy crafts etc. But for me, I buy t-shirts because every t-shirt tells a story. Back home, I’ll choose a t-shirt and I’m instantly transported back to places where I wore this. The Chang Beer T-Shirt. Bought this in April 2012 and it’s still going strong. Check out the places where I wore this.


Ed Sheeran wannabe in Vietnam?


Keriteri Beach in New Zealand Sept 2012


Cape Tribulation, Australia Jul 2012


Sydney, Australia, Aug 2012


Cambodian Cooking in Cambodia, May 2012


Outdoor exercise machines in Saigon, Vietnam, May 2012


Driving the trusty campervan in Australia, July 2012


Living Dangerously in Chiang Mai, Thailand, April 2012


Drinking wine in Mendoza, Argentina, Jan 2013

Told you I like those T-shirts. I would just like to state that this t-shirt has been washed plenty of times.

So, I think it’s about time I bought some t-shirts. New Look has enticed me with their printed t-shirts for me to peruse. So what shall I have?


This has me down to a T (wait, did you see what I did there! Amazing!). Life’s a Beach. That kind of positive, chilled out vibe along with my aviator sunglasses and short shorts will have many bikini clad ladies running to me on the beach. I don;t need that Lynx effect.


I LOVE this t-shirt. Quirky and childish. Again, like me but if you look closely, this is a travel t-shirt in the making. Cars for transport, cameras for pictures, sunglasses for sun and naked girls. What can I say, this is me during travelling!


Now, you can’t go wrong with a simple white t-shirt, unless you’ve trekked for days through jungle and you just can’t get that monkey poo stain out. But why do I like the simple white t-shirt. It goes with anything. Also, I don;t really need anything on a t-shirt to stress how awesome I look. My award-winning jaw line and cheekbones will do the job.


Finally, we all want to go with the masses. Let’s face it, we’re sheep. Baaaaa. So this funky t-shirt will be useful at music raves, festivals and an excuse to look cool.

Now then, if only I could buy them and include them with my 22 other t-shirts in my bag. Oooh, shorts!