Okay, I have to go to Birmingham. 

I think it’s fate because in the last 3 weeks, I’ve had 7 offers to go to Birmingham within the next 2 months. I think I must go. As I was searching for accommodation, I had a think why Birmingham, the second biggest city of England after London, appeals to me. Birmingham hotels are easy to find online as I discovered there are absolutely hundreds. Why a hotel? Well, I did want to pamper myself and also recover from the activities I’ve been invited to go on to as I list below.


Why is Birmingham so attractive to everyone? Looking on Visit Birmingham’s website, you’ve been hard pressed to find a reason why not?! Surrounded by national activities and event places such as the National Exhibition Centre (Gadget Show Live in April anybody?) and the legendary Go Ape outdoor obstacle course, Birmingham has many ‘quarters’ to go and visit. Remember to check out the Jewellery Quarter there, the glittering diamonds and dazzling gold are just too much to bear without becoming Beyonce and putting a ring on it. Perhaps I should escape and shop in the infamous Bullring to visit very unique shops within the grotesque building. Oh well.

Here’s the 3 attractions that I will be visiting.


1) The Arcadian Centre


Photo by gallangroup

Briefly mentioned in my old post when I visited Birmingham for Chinese Bakeries, this Arcadian Centre is the nightlife to be at. Yes, I’ve been invited by 2 people to have birthdays there. Set in the centre of ChinaTown and Theatreland districts, this gets beating in the late hours of night and what’s more, I find it to be a relaxed atmosphere. You don’t have to go into a club at all, just grab a pint at one of the many bars there and take it to the center of the Centre(?!) and sit down and banter with your mates in the open air. If you’re wanting the high-class bars, follow the canal to The Water’s edge and perhaps you’ll find yourself a sugar mummy and a sugar daddy there.


2) Cadbury’s World

Cadbury World

Are they real? They must be of Oompa Lumpas are… photo by Hatters Group

I have a confession. I love Chocolate. LOVE LOVE LOVE Chocolate. Give me a chocolate bar and I’ll have it stuffed down my pockets with other melted bars ready for my pure pleasure of licking the chocolate off the wrappers in bed with the duvet over me. Disgraceful, I know. So, when one of my friends mentioned about a visit to Cadbury’s World, I jumped up at the chance. Not for free chocolate, mind, but also for educational needs. Okay, that might be a long stretch for you to believe but honest to god, you find out about the history of chocolate along with finding out how it’s made into confectionary. Then I’ll be found in the gift shop piling up 3 trolleys full for a good 2 hours. Can anyone guess my favourite chocolate bar?


3) BBC Birmingham – Public Spaces


Could I be on the helm of this?

Fancy becoming a news presenter? or perhaps even a weather girl with a plunging neckline (still yet to be achieved for me)? My friend was talking about this the other day and this immediately piqued my interest. Of course, I would love to be a presenter! My ego will finally have an outlet! This ‘public space’ invites the public to watch the BBC West Midlands Team taking place and you can even catch the BBC Asian Network on show as well. Not only that, you get to go in the interactive area and find out if you can hack it as a television presenter, and you’re recorded. So that’s me there in a shot to have my own news segment. ‘Breaking News – Rexy has become more handsome.’ What do you think? And what’s more, the best thing? It’s free to do. 


Pretty sorted where I will be going in the west Midlands of Britain in the next few months, I’ll carry on searching for a hotel room. I mean, I do need a room big enough for my hangover, my chocolate filled gorging belly, and my very oversized ego. Sounds a big job.


So here are my top 3 things to do in Birmingham. What do you want to do there?


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