Okay, so my South American tales are over! Sob sob, I’ll never get that sweet summer heat again for a good long while! Back in cold Europe!

But the show must go on, or in my case, the travels must go on. Coming up very shortly to my one year anniversary of packing everything in to travel exclusively round the world, I still have that itch the travel. And I need to scratch it very bad. There’s one continent that’s been overlooked on my travels so far. I’ve been to South America, Asia, Australasia and the North Americas. Africa and Europe are the 2 continents that I haven’t been so far recently. Seeing as Africa will be left for me to explore at a later date, Europe is the one that I feel needs to have Rexy Edventures in.

Europe Map

Wouldn’t this be cool if we saw this from the sky?

It’s really not that far for me, heck, I’m even IN Europe! So what I need to do is head on over to the local airport where you can find cheap flights to London on http://www.fly.co.uk and then get on either the Eurostar train or even maybe a cheaper option to fly to Europe! So you can guess correctly that I’ve already got some European destinations sorted out already and picked out.

Checking out Visit Europe’s website, I was pretty hard pressed to choose where to go. After all, there are 47 countries in this continent alone, each with their own language and customs. But after, I while I think I got it down where I’m sure I’ll be going in 2013. Europe, here I come!



Spain Flag

It feels hot just looking at this flag

Flights are already booked. In May, I will be flying into Madrid to base myself there for a week and a half. Ooh, an exciting exclusive apartment there already booked? Actually, no. I will be staying with Auston and Dave of TwoBadTourists who’s moving to Spain for a few months. (Why did they let them in?!). From there, I would like to visit places close by whether it is Salamanca, Cordoba (like the name in Argentina) and Seville. Perhaps going off to a Mediterranean coastal town for a weekend at either Valencia or Barcelona. I’ll need to brush up on my Spanish as well, I can’t have these two bad idiots…I mean tourists teasing me that I can’t roll my ‘r’s’. So I’ll be looking forward to be drinking Sangria, and plenty of it!



portugal flag

very brave – green and red together…

This was the first European destination I booked. Why? A family friend is getting married there and she’s invited me and my family to attend. Nice! So after spending a time in Spain, I’ll be meandering on over to the Algarve on the southern coast of Portugal to hob nob with the rich people there. For a long weekend there, I’ll be living the high life with my family in the quaint sleepy town of Carvoeiro before heading off to Lisbon for a few days and a quick stopover in Porto (to drink fortified wine of course) before heading back to the Algarve to collect my family and fly back home. Do you reckon in the Algarve there’ll be Caipirinhnas and beaches for me to strut my speedos on?



Germany Flag

From darkness comes light!

There’s no doubt about it. I have to go to Germany. Meeting so many German backpackers, who I made great friends with, it would be the crime of the century if I didn’t go and munch some bratwurst with them. I’ve already been to Munich before (posts about that soon) so it makes sense for me to fly into Berlin. I hear it’s an absolutely corker of a place, brimming with culture, modernity, history, and something there that convinces people to stay there. Reading Travels of Adam stories of there, I’m convinced that I’ll have a great time. But it’s also to meet up with my German friends. Everywhere I went in Australia and New Zealand, I was always with a German so it means I have a lot of travelling to do that ranges from Hamburg to Hanover to Stuttgart.  So bratwursts, German beer and Lederhosen , here I come!



Norway Flag

Very Viking esque

Arranging with Tom of TomarHawk, we decided to head over to Oslo for a long weekend. It’s something off the backpacker route in Europe. Knowing that one of my university friends lives there, I’m sure she’ll be able to show us around…if she doesn’t mind me being in Scout Uniform. Yes, I used to be in the fabled Scouts. Climbing, needleworking, campfire making with a flint (hint, hide a lighter in your underpants) and many more, it was Norway that always brought to my mind if we ever went on a trip abroad to do some camping. Sadly, we didn’t so I’ll make use of this opportunity to relive my Scouting dream…or scouting for girls… In Oslo, we will be staying at a friend’s apartment and from there, we’ll explore the Norweigian capital!



italy flag

Why do I always think of Mario and Luigi everytime I see this flag?

Ah, I can hear the pasta being made. I’m taking a fantastic opportunity to apply to Blogville. Speaking to Tom of JourneyTom about his experiences at the Italian region of Emilia Romagna, this would be a fantastic infusion into Italian life especially the food. My mouth is already salivating creating puddle marks on my shirt. Once my application is successful, I’ll be taking an opportunity to visit other places in Italy, to see the sights of Rome, glide along the canals of Venice and perhaps fall in love with Florence. Who knows. But there’s one thing for sure. I want to check out the active volcano of Mount Vesuvius. Oh yes.



croatia flag

Lots of things going on there

A trip to the Balkans must always be on the cards. Given a choice between Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia and Croatia, I think this European country will do me justice for my first visit there. I’ve always wanted to learn about the wasteful war in the 1990s and I think Zagreb, which has seen more than its fair share of the war, is a perfect starting point. After a brief tour, I would like to go to Split on the coast of the Adriatric Sea and spend a delightful few days there with the perfect partner on my arm. Anyone want to be my partner?



Poland Flag

The simplest flag I’ve seen so far…

Reading an old post of ManVsClock, I’ve always been inspired by his ability to drop everything and jet off to a place after deciding at the airport. Pretty much of a case of scanning the flight boards and getting on it if there’s a seat available. He managed to do that with Krakow, Poland. Reading this, it’s always been left on my mind. So I do want to go for a long weekend in Krakow. Seeing the amazing architecture, the vibrant atmosphere and of course, the heartbreaking Auschwitz, which is based outside of Krakow, I know I can fill that weekend up plenty. Every country has its dark past, so different to each other like the Cambodia’s brutal Khmer Rouge Brutal regime.


So here are the countries in Europe I’ll be visiting. What do you think? Is there another country you think I should visit? 


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