I’ve got the travel itch, and I’ve got it bad. There’s nothing more than I want to do than throw myself at the nearest airport and fasten my belt with mischievous glee whilst rubbing my hands and laughing maniacally. Perhaps not, I might get shown the exit in mid-flight. No, I will be the perfect passenger and flirt outrageously with the waitresses (unless they are Ryanair which reminds me of a fantastic joke. Poke me for it.)

As a British citizen in the NORTH EAST of England, the fabled destinations of places far-flung across the globe is not available close to me seeing I would have to travel 2 hours to Manchester Airport, 3 hours to Newcastle Airport and even more to get to London. But seeing as I’ve lost enthusiasm for long haul flights for a while thanks to the Amsterdam-Buenos Aires leg, my eyes turn to Europe. And what’s better than my local airport to offer destinations to there? My local airport is just a stone’s throw over the River Humber from Hull called cleverly…wait for it…Humberside Airport.

Humberside Airport

Sexy Airport

Faced with derision of this airport by many people and especially ONE Travel Blogger (he’s an engineer), I’m afraid I have to jump to this airport’s defence. It’s cute. I mean which other airport has a Thunderbirds car in the road entrance?! Plus, it’s small so there’s no fighting with other people in the long meandering queues and what’s more, it gives me free coffee and croissants thanks to the staff who’s fallen in love with me. Visited many times for family holidays and also for my connecting flights, I think this airport gives great value and a variety of choices of destinations. Check out your local airport, it’ll surprise you. Humberside Airport certainly did when I checked out the new season earlier on last year.

Humberside Airport

There’s even seats to lie on!

So which destinations do Humberside Airport offer? And do I want to go there?


Palma, Majorca

Twice I’ve been to Majorcawith my family in my childhood and once we flew from Humberside Airport. Great memories are made here. And what’s to stop further memories being made? This is a perfect chance to go on another family holiday or perhaps even a trip with my friends for a week-long holiday.


Verona, Lake Garda, Italy

Anyone who reads the Shakespearean plays of Romeo and Juliet or Taming of the Shrew will definitely want to go there as both plays are set there. Who knows what William Shakespeare was dreaming in his home town when he wrote this.

One of my friends lived there for a year while I was toiling in my 9-5 job, and she absolutely adored this Italian city full of history, architecture and extremely good-looking people. This jealousy inducing tale definitely has me wanting to go there…after all if there’s good-looking people there, then I would be in my element!


Aberdeen, Britain

Shock and Horror to the Americans and Australians, we actually need to fly between British destinations! Hopefully this will expel the myth that every british person lives close to London. Many times I groaned when I’m told they are coming to London for a visit and could I pop over to London for an hour for a catch up.

Aberdeen is very far north in Scotland and a perfect choice to catch those Northern Lights and explore the Scottish Highlands, which I’m hoping to visit in the summer.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Perfect destination if I want to party or take in the dutch culture. Amsterdam, after London, is the major European airport to connect flights to fly elsewhere in the world. I want to go back to Amsterdam after being a given a taste after hitch-hiking there for charity.


Dubrovnik, Croatia

As I said in my recent post about how Europe Travels Awaits, Croatia is one of the places I truly want to visit in 2013. This UNESCO heritage site gives wonderful views across the Isthmus on the Adriatic Coast, check out the panoramic picture here, and you will get a sense of history that this city faced during the Balkan Wars when Dubrovnik suffered long periods of shelling. 

I will hopefully fly to this beautiful Croatian city and enjoy what it has to offer.


Enfidha, Tunisia

The biggest surprise of the list of destinations published. You can actually get to North Africa from my local airport! After their Arab Spring Uprising, tourism is desperately needed there and prices are slashed, slashed, slashed! Maybe instead of Morocco that I’m toying of going there, I should go to Tunisia.


Humberside Airport

That is the face of an Excited Rexy ready to take one of those flights!

There’s plenty more destinations to take advantage such as Lapland, Naples, Alicante and more. There’s no need to go to the busiest airport in your country and get needlessly stressed out trying to get there in time, paying far too much,  and carrying far too much luggage. Go to your local airport in your own time, almost for free on the bus, and you won’t get sweaty carrying luggage for ages. Check out your local airport, it might just surprise you. Humberside did, and after all, the famous puppets will go to this airport, climb on a flight and shout ‘Thunderbirds are GO!’


Thunderbirds are GO!


What destinations do your local airport offer?


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