Following on my post about if I could be a Flashpacker, I thought what if I was a Luxury Traveller?

luxury traveller

If I was a woman, then I’d look like this. HOT.

Luxury Travels means to have a travel experience that go beyond and above what you could do on your own and also treating yourself more than it is necessary.

I don’t know about you but that sounds AMAZING! With money possibly being no object, just think of the travelling you can do! Flying first class, having your own staff, treated with the utmost of respect, being the first to try new activities exclusively. Sounds good eh? But sometimes there can be a drawback, as many backpackers would attest, that you don’t really see the country through the locals eyes. Just what the tourism board or travel agents want you to see.

But if you backpacked enough, you might want to become a luxury traveller for a bit to refresh yourself before going back in the world of backpacking. Just think, what would you do if you were a Luxury Traveller?

luxury traveller

Yes please!

Here’s the list I would visit if I was a Luxury Traveller.



The first thing that springs to mind is the Round the World Cruise. Taking at a slower pace, you visit most continents, steaming into their ports to have a good gander round that city or country. Meanwhile, whilst being at sea, you are catered for every whim, whether you realise it or not, and entertained to excess. I know I would love the shows and 10 course banquet meals. It’s a good job there’s a pool and gym on board to burn off that food! Perhaps I can get upgraded to the Captain’s Table and hob nob with Kylie Minogue and Amy Pond. That would be my idea of a great cruise! You can definitely find the best  cruise deals online. Luxury travel doesn’t necessarily mean not looking for value for money. So pull me into one and just make sure it’s not the Titanic 2.



Following on the theme of being a Luxury Traveller and choosing decadence rather than value for money, I would probably go to Monaco and rub shoulders with Europe’s rich playboys and playgirls. I mean, I suppose I could make a stop there on my future European Travels, but let’s see if I have the money first. A small ‘country’ on the Mediterranean coastline of France, this is where decadence happens. Mercedes, Maserati, Alfa Romeos trawl the streets and casinos with thousand dollar notes are being thrown inside whilst wearing clothes before it hits the exclusive shopping lines. I think this may be a bit too much for me but a good day out there possibly.



Like Monaco, the Luxury Traveller seems to hit up Dubai or Abu Dhabi of the UAE in the Middle East. Known for its love of shopping, I did actually go into Dubai in 2007. I couldn’t believe the shops of their airport which stretched for miles. And what I couldn’t believe even further were the Luxury Travellers spending to the depths of their wallets on insane duty-free items to be placed back on the plane and spending the baggage free. Me? As a lowly backpacker then, I only bought a Sprite. But if I was a luxury traveller, I would visit the world’s tallest building of Burj Khalifa and stay on the sand island resort that’s shaped like the world. Excess indeed.


Australia Tour

If you had followed my backpacking tour of Australia, you will have heard my bitching about the cost there. I felt like I couldn’t do what I really wanted to do there and even now, I feel a slight sense of disappointment that I didn’t enjoy myself as much as I wanted to do in Australia. So, if I was a luxury traveller, I think I would get on board a tour of Australia and head further into the outback. To finally reach Uluru, which I really wanted to do last time I was there. Or perhaps even fly there haha. What else? I would go to see the Whitsundays, seeing as last time I was on Airlie Beach, it was raining and we got fined for parking incorrectly there. There are lots of things I could do in Australia if I was a Luxury Traveller and I would have an even better time.



Finally, the ultimate Luxury Traveller Destination for me is the Maldives. This would be absolutely perfect for a honeymoon. Checking out their tourism website, the Maldives further attracts me for their stance of the Environment and Climate Change. Why? Because any change to the sea level in terms of level and temperatures effects their livelihood of the people and the coral reefs that surround the islands. An absolutely beautiful place, and I hope to get there before sea levels rise even further. As a luxury traveller, I would like to have my own villa, an outdoor bedroom, my own pool and a view overlooking the beach. Delightful and what’s more, refreshing. I’m still waiting for Karen Gilligan to accept my Marriage Proposal.


So there you have it. These are my top places where I would go if I was a luxury traveller. Time to save up plenty!

luxury traveller

Can this be my house?

So what are your luxury traveller destinations?


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