Following my European Theme that this blog is taking for the next few months, here’s a guest post from one of my acquaintances who absolutely loves this island of Palma, Majorca.


The principal city of the island of Majorca, Palma also serves as the capital city of the Balearic island chain, and as a world-class holiday destination it truly reigns supreme.

Hop on a Palma flight from cheap airlines like and you’ll arrive at the island’s largest airport, Son Sant Joan, which is just minutes away from some of the most breathtaking sights and attractions the Mediterranean has to offer, let alone this Spanish archipelago. The city welcomes over 22million tourists each year – members of the Spanish royal family number amongst those who make the journey every year – and so is well used to providing a first class reception and stay to visitors from all walks of life.

The islands have been envied and treasured by conquering visitors for millennia, and each has left their mark.



A Foreboding Fort

Three centuries short of its 1000th birthday, Bellver Castle is king of the hills above Palma, an imposing and dominating sight and visible across the city and far out to sea. A short 3km journey from the city centre will get you to this magnificent and unique fort. One of the only round castle’s to be found in all of Europe, Bellver combines the imposing and defiant structure of an impregnable fortress with the lavish and luxuriant architecture of a palace, built as residence to King James II of Majorca in 1311. A very appropriate venue for Palma’s History Museum, Bellver is the primary destination for millions of visitors each year, and has a packed itinerary of events, plays and re-enactments throughout the summer season.

Within sight of Bellver, and yet feeling a million miles away, is Es Baluard, one of Europe’s premiere modern art galleries and museums. Built into the internal spaces of the Sant Pere Bastion – a Renaissance-era fortification that surrounded Palma until the 20th Century – Es Baluard is the perfect setting to explore some very special exhibitions. This year Es Baluard hosts displays of Picasso ceramic works, contemplates the nature of Duality with works by native Majorcan artists, and questions The Perception of Space with some of the greatest works of sculpture the 20th Century has to offer.

With no shortage of other must-see sites such as the Arab Baths, La Seu Roman Catholic Cathedral and the Church of Santa Eulalia all vying for the title of Palma’s crowning glory, it can be difficult to decide where to visit first. But rest assured, if it all gets too much, the picturesque and pristine Cala Agulla and Cales de Mallorca beaches are but a stone’s throw away.


Thanks for the article! I can agree with the descriptions of Palma seeing as I’ve been there twice with my family 🙂