Uganda Project Day 26 – 8th July 2007


Waking up with a massive yawn enough for bats to fly in, I was still tired. Aching from the white water rafting trip yesterday, I had to wake myself up and prepare for the 6 hour bum soringly journey back to Murchison Falls in North Uganda. We still had work to do and it was only a weekend that we came down to Jinja.

Fully ready, I was poised and ready to expect the journey ahead on dirt tracks and not the roads itself. After a brief stop in Kampala, capital of Uganda, to withdraw some money, I was thrown around the bus thanks to the potholes and speed bumps on the road between Kampala to Gulu. We jokingly called this the African Massage. However, I managed to crack on into my Wilbur Smith book, thanks to the cortionist in me. But discussion subjects on the bus veered from one extreme to the other with the best having to be Monobrows. This led to everybody checking each other’s out and a tweezer being brandished. Despite my protests, they held me down and plucked my eyebrows and tutted at my snotty sobbing. This is torture, I don’t know how girls do this.

Uganda project

By 6pm, we arrived at the Murchison Falls Education Centre and I immediately went for a lay down and applying antiseptic to my raw forehead. But at least I showed my face at dinner and we all settled down to decide on a film that we would watch. I wasn’t too bothered but I was aware of a feud forming in the group. Later, I realised that some people wanted to watch ‘What’s Love Got to Do with it?’ a biopic of Tina Turner, but many people felt it wasn’t appropriate and I soon realised why after the first lot won and played it. Of course, it wasn’t just us at the education centre but the builders and the locals who also came to watch. If you don’t know about the film, it involved Tina Turner being in an abusive relationship by her husband that contained violent scenes of Tina getting beaten up. If that wasn’t disturbing enough, I was extremely disturbed that the builders were laughing at these scenes. This goes to show that respect for women and equality for women is still extremely poor in this part of Uganda. Abandoning the group that was dwindling, I left to go to bed to recover from the weekend and get ready to be fresh for more work in the morning.

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