Uganda Project Day 28 – 10th July 2007


Waking up, I was refreshed and raring to go and get some work done after my nature walks and game drives yesterday. I really needed to get some work done for Softpower Education as we were without work from the builders for most of the day. But today, had some work by laying the floor on the veranda for the kitchen of the education centre. It was just as well, as it was a beautiful day here in Murchison Falls of Uganda. We spent all morning doing the job at hand and singing musical theatre songs to get us motivated and before we knew it, we had finished! I did a Snoopy Victory dance. A rather badly one I must admit as I fell off the veranda and onto my backside!

But then that was the job of the day! No more work. I was slightly disappointed as I was in my work groove and I kept talking to the builders to see if there was any more work. I was sorely tempted to go back to Paraa Primary School and finish off the job there which we started.

So, after lunch, I headed on over to Paraa Lodge with Kat and Orla to chill out and use their swimming pool.

But as we returned, there was an atmosphere of excitement and danger. It was time to fight.

WATER BALLOON FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Water Balloon Uganda

Splitting into 2 teams, I was in the south team with Amy as captain. It was a long brutal fight and after mutual peltings of water balloons in the face, the north team lost spectacularly and their forfeit was to pick up the remains of the water balloons. Bwahaha! But it was much-needed for a scorching afternoon.


Not wanting to end the games, we all played a game of sardines. One person hides and everybody got to find that person and hide with that person until the last one who becomes the hidee for the next game. Helen got picked and she managed to find a really ace place, the burning wood hut and we really all had to cram in!

For the night and still in a jovial mood, the girls announced there would be a moustache party in honour of the boys who were trying to grow theirs in competition. The girls made moustaches for themselves and we all made some music for some dancing. It was a pretty funny night!


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