Keeping up with the British Patriotism ruling the world in 2012 with its Olympics and our lovely Queen’s Jubilee Year, the British looks set to dominate the track on the F1 circuit. HostelBookers tells us why.


In Melbourneon the 17th March the 2013 the Grand Prix season started its engines for another exciting season of racing. With 22 drivers lining up on the starting grid, HostelBookers have created the reason why we believe Britain will rule the championship this year. OK, so far the British seem to have either had an off day in the past few races or they decided to let someone else with for a change in Formula 1, as things didn’t quite go to plan in Melbourne nor Malaysia. But we at HostelBookers still stand by why Britain still rules the Grand Prix history books.


For starters, throughout history Britain has collected the most championship points as over 25% of total races have been won by the British and to state it is not just the cunning race strategy that has won races British driver have set 22% of the fastest laps.


We also have a great ratio for driver to world champions as throughout history America has produced 19% of all Grand Prix drivers. But only 2 have won the championship – Mario Andretti in 1978 and Phil Hill in 1961. In comparison the UK has also produced 19% and has won 14 championships, including Jackie Stewart’s Triple Crown.


Lewis Hamilton will take part this season in a German manufactured car, but unfortunately it is not in the nature for a British driver to win in a German car as the last driver to do this the legendary Sterling Moss in 1955, ironically at the British Grand Prix. So the British will need to cross their fingers for Hamilton this year.


Finally, if you’re a viewer that likes action and crashes then look no further than the British as 17.5% of accidents, crashes and spin-off have been down the British.


So that is why the British are going to rule the track this season. For more stats check out our blog.

Grand Prix Track

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