Yay! It’s my Traveliversary week! On 25th March 2013, it was 1 year to the day when I first started my serious travelling. And more impressively, I managed to keep running this blog! So I look back on my blog since it’s birth (13th November 2011) and think what were the best bits, best popular, and see how people really found my blog with suspect search terms. Bring on the top 5 of RexyEdventures.com. It’s gonna be a hell of a ride.

Lake Manhipua, top 5


Top 5 Most Popular Posts

These 5 posts totally surprised me. It’s certainly NOT what i was expecting…

1. Review of the Caledonian Sleeper Train – With the company bemoaning about lack of people using this service, I was very surprised after one year on that this has become the most viewed post on my blog. Perhaps publicity and awareness is the key here for the company? But I like to think I promoted good old-fashioned journeys here in Britain!

2. 12 Best Places to Go on New Year’s Eve – I was expecting this to spike around the twilight months of 2012 but nope. It actually was so popular that it continued to be so throughout the year?! people are taking new year’s eve a lot more seriously than I thought!

3. Photo Essay: London’s Calling – undertaking a walking tour of London, I really went into detail about my capital. So much so that it’s become my 3rd most popular post. And after 3 top posts, I haven’t really left to go on my RTW Travels yet. It goes to show that Britain is the best place to be!

4. 7 Benefits for Deaf People on Their Solo Travels – I’m extremely proud that this post got into the top 5. It goes to show that deafness is not negative and deaf people CAN Travel solo. I did!

5. Hue to Hanoi: The Bus Journey that almost broke me – hooray, finally a RTW Travel post! Although very, very surprising! However, I do admit that you have to laugh at my misfortune!


 Top 5 Favourites

Although there are the most popular, I personally have my favourites. Okay it’s like asking to choose 5 of your 420 children to be your favourites, but I think I got it pat down.

3…2…1…BUNGEE! – this is my favourite. I wrote this straight after I jumped and even now, when I read back, I still get scared for myself!

It’s True, Luang Prabang is the most romantic place in SE Asia – this is when I truly loved Laos. I couldn’t believe the beautiful scenery I was seeing.

Cape Tribulation to the Outback – I enjoy reading this. This is when I started to enjoy being a backpacker in Australia after the horrendousness of Cairns.

Eat Your Heart Out, Snake! – this Vietnamese story is still one of my favourite stories to tell about my travels. This is when I ate a live beating raw snake heart out of the body…

VLOG 3: Snow Says No! – I enjoyed making this VLOG. My plane to South America got cancelled due to snow in Britain and Amsterdam so making this VLOG was the only way to get over it!


Top 5 Deafness Posts

Okay, a big part of me is that I’m deaf. So obviously, during my travels I would refer to my deafness.

Being Deaf Doesn’t Give You The Best Seats On The Plane – this journey from Melbourne to Auckland, I was faced with discrimination.

7 Challenges Facing Deaf People on their Solo Travels – What’s going to happen if you’re deaf and travelling solo?

Townsville and Magnetic Island – I make a joke about my cochlear implant being on Magnetic Island

Uganda Project Day 25 – White Water Rafting Madness on the River Nile – how to keep your hearing aids from getting wet?

My Cochlear Implant Journey – this is a personal tale of how I got to have a Cochlear Implant and my experiences with it.


Top 5 Experiences

As an adrenline and culture junkie, I took part in many experiences.

Let’s Relax By Cuddling Tigers – In Chiang Mai, I went to the Tiger Kingdom and guess what, I cuddled them.

Kiwi Experience Day 5 – Skydive @ Taupo – Jumping off a plane at 12,000ft is truly the way to go!

Kiwi Experience Day 20 – Hobbit for the Day – I went to Hobbiton and got to be a Hobbit! Seriously! The giant I am, I became very short!

Wine Drinking in Mendoza 101 – I have finally have an excuse to drink wine! With Two Bad Tourists, we went to explore the 8th wine capital.

Fijian Culture – I got to explore Fijian Culture and got to meet plenty of people willing to share their culture. Plus cute kids!


Top 5 Random Search Results

How did People find my blog? With very weird search terms that’s either surprising or not so, I share you my favourite 5 search terms!

5 Most Popular Search Terms – Caledonian Sleeper Review, Bucket List, Call me, Mardi Gras Brazil, Deafness

5 Favourite Search Terms – size 14 feet, shit before the shovel, dogging in Franz Josef (I did nothing of the sort!), naked guy in Halong (no comment), is Ed Rex sexy? (that goes without saying)

5 Sex Terms – travel blog sex, rio beach women, round figure rexy girls, dogging, rexy hot com (this I LOVE!)


Top 5 Me, Me, Me Posts

Okay, saving the best until last. I’ve been told that apparently, APPARENTLY, I love myself too much. What do you mean? I’m modest me. I can’t help being handsome, so photogenic, good body, and eyes that you could fall into. You’re the one with the problem. So I say, keep calm and fall in love with me again in these top 5 Sexy Rexy Posts.

VLOG 8 – Speedos on Copacabana Beach – There’s a video of me wearing speedos. That’s all I’m going to say.

Thursday Thinker: lemon Grass Chicken in Hoi An – possibly one of the best pics of me. Just saying.

Picturesque Jourama Falls – the best picture? Me.

Modelling on a Trek in the Jungle of Chiang Mai – There’s a wet t-shirt on me.

Dingos Stole My Heart on Fraser Island – again I splash around in my swimwear.


There you have it!

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