Uganda Project Day 31 – Kampala Celebrations


It seems I have finally become the early morning bird! Waking up at 4.30am, light was streaming in from the dawn and I started fumbling around for my sleeping bag as I was quite cold but seeing that everyone else started to wake up, I thought I would grab the bathroom while I can! Brushing my teeth, I was reminded what i got up to in the night.

I went to the toilet in the middle of the night but according to Phil, I nearly died. Apparently, when I was in the toilet, a baby elephant trundled in front followed by the Big Daddy. If I stepped out 1 min earlier, he would have stampeded on me. Instead, that extra minute was spent making sure my headlamp was carefully positioned to make sure my ‘deposit’ followed through into the drop hole, and thus stepped out none the wiser.

Also, later on, I woke up confused thanks to my malaria tablets and was absolutely convinced I was in someone else’s bed with that someone. As it was pitch black, I hesitantly felt around the bed thinking that someone was there. It took me a while to convince myself I was actually in fact, in my own bed.

Laughing to myself and reminiscing about the day before when we said goodbye to the Paraa kids, I finished up and got ready to say farewell to Murchison Falls. And what better way as we piled on the truck that a family of elephants came to see us off as they munched on some close trees. We crossed the Nile for the last time and a hippo was also there to see us off by growling at us…

Boarding on the bus, we stopped off after a brief journey at the Murchison Falls Conservation Centre and I managed to buy myself a polo shirt and also at the Red Chilli Bar to stop off for some supplies for the journey ahead as I bought a lot of water! And off we went!

Despite another stop off at Masindi for breakfast (chipolatas and samosas), I slept through the entire 6hr journey. We’ve gone up and down this road quite a few times so we knew what to expect and sleep through the African Massage!

I woke up with a start as the bus trundled through the entrance to see the Backpacker’s Hostel Sign appear and I knew we were in Kampala! Hurray! We celebrated surviving the long journey with a COLD beer and set about finding my bed for the next 2 nights. First, I thought I was in a really good room with only 3 walls and one side just open to the elements but there was an old chinese guy in my bed? Querying this, we managed to get sorted out and I was in a dorm instead. I wasn’t too bothered.

Anyway, it was called for another celebration in Kampala as it was Jaime’s Birthday! So we spent the evening in the bar dressed as Chavs and Jaime came in as the posh bird with her makeshift hat and sash. Check out the pics!







It was truly a great night as it was a chance to let all of our hair down and more so that new people started as they took the second part of the Project and ours were going to be over. Awww. It’s nearly time to go home… 


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