28th July 2011 – Munich – Catching up with Robbie Williams at Dinner Time!

Running back to the hotel from the torrential rain that chucked it down after we finished our sightseeing, I was definitely in the mood for tea. It seems the hotel still hasn’t got a clue about tea. I decided to try a different tack. In our room, we did see a basket of coffee but no kettle so just before I asked, both Ann and I agreed to stand firm in the face of adversary and also Ann wanted me to speak since she would be the mean girl who just says ‘yeah’ at every sentence I say. However, it didn’t really go to plan. Oh no.  Just as I started being macho, Ann suddenly had the fit of giggles and kept interrupting my attempts to emulate the Terminator. Dang.  In the end, I just shouted her to go to the room! That was my only attempt of being a macho man. Meanwhile, I managed to swindle a kettle of Tea to be ready for us to be picked from the front desk in 10 mins. Score me!

However 10 mins later when I brought it back to the room, with both of us quivering with excitement, I laid out the cups and poured into them from the kettle…only to find HOT WATER. That was it! No tea! In the end, I had to go looking for tea at the nearby shopping centre and it wasn’t too long when I was blessed with this image!


A whole stand devoted to different kind of teas! I was in heaven. And I must have been there a long time as Ann wondered where I got to with them. So at long last, we managed to have a decent cup of tea. Still not Yorkshire Tea, but tea regardless.

I know you’re probably reading this and wondering how weird I am with my tea but trust me, you do not want to see me first thing in the morning before my cup of tea.

So as we napped in our hotel room, I had opened the window and we kept hearing a large group of people outside who I thought talked rather loud. Peeking my head out, I realised that the noise we also heard over the course of last night with metal clanging etc, a film premiere red carpet etc has been set up! So really, I had a great bird’s-eye view of the place! Would I see any celebrities? Positioning myself on the windowsill, I snapped a few pics but no one I recognised.

robbie williams

But then as I was going to give up hope and return to my bed, a huge roar came from the people in the crowd! Who was it? Who can it be? Zooming in with my camera, I nearly fell over with shock.

robbie williams

It was ROBBIE WILLIAMS! In MUNICH! THE NIGHT BEFORE OUR PLANNED VISIT TO SEE TAKE THAT IN CONCERT! I screamed and Ann came to the window with me and she screamed as well!

Grabbing my camera, I rushed down to get through the crowd and hopefully see him up close. And perhaps even TALK to him. Barging my way through with my elbows, I managed to get this picture of him!

robbie williams

Then an angry Korean Boy pushed me back. Again, I went down further the line and barged in again, just as he came up and I shouted out ‘hello!’ He looked up and our eyes locked for what seemed like eternity…(feel free to puke)..and he looked up to see my best hat on me. ‘Nice hat!’ he grinned and moved on. I just simply smiled. Robbie Williams, spoke to me! He really liked my hat!

robbie williams

With that excitement over, Ann and I headed out for dinner. Now, it seemed like every single restaurant was busy in town. So much so, we ended up sharing a table with 2 others who never talked to us. 🙁  But I was soon distracted by embarrassment from Ann. Oh yes. The KNIFE Saga. Ordering from the menu to receive this:


I was only presented with a fork to use as mu utensil. I wasn’t bothered but hang on, Ann WAS Bothered! She kept calling over the waiter and asked for a knife. WHAT?! He cried out! A KNIFE?! He looked absolutely fuming. No way you need to use a knife for this dish he seemed to be conveying. People were starting to look at us. Uh-huh. The people we were sharing a table with shuffled away. With Ann’s arms still crossed and staring cockeyed at the waiter, I decided to help her…by pretending not to notice and use my fork without a knife. In the end, Ann got her knife when it was slammed on the table in front of her…again causing people to look at us. Ann was still annoyed… but as you can see, she’s still got her knife.

knife saga

I thought I would cheer her up when we went to a bar for some G&Ts and pointed out to one of the beermats. ‘Hey! This looks like you!’ She looked at me and smiled. She leaned in close to my ear and through a hiss, I could make out, ‘It’s a good job I don’t have a knife with me now!’ What? I don’t know what she was on about, do you?


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