29th July 2011 – Take That in Munich!


Okay, after the saddening day of visiting Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial, Ann and I set out to cheer ourselves up not only with cake but also the sole reason why we’ve come to Munich in the first place, to see Take That Live in Concert in this city!

With our tickets printed off after booking through the Take That website, we hopped on the train and headed for the Olympiasadion stop to see them croon there! We were so excited!!!!!!!!

take thattake that

Ann surprised me with a birthday present of buying me a take that top (I love my t-shirts) and grabbing our drinks, we found our searts and watched The Pet Shop Boys, the support act finish their set. The atmosphere electric, the crowds, happy, the weather beautiful and what’s more we had beer in our hands!

Take That

Then the crowd hushed, the Pet Shop Boys finished and we all screamed the countdown…and how did they explode onto the stage! Everyone stood up out of their seats as they kicked off with ‘Rule the World‘. I noticed the couple in front of me were still sat down but I thought each to their own! Then they got the crowd all revved up with their hit single ‘Greatest Day‘ that I admit that I almost shed a tear to. I mean, the atmosphere was astounding!

Take That

Greatest Day

With further enjoyable hits of ‘Hold Up a Light‘ and ‘Patience‘, I became a bit narked off at the couple in front of us. They sat gloomily and I was determined that they should be standing up themselves. I even shouted at Ann over the singing about them, which the couple heard….oops.

Take That

However, as the upbeat ‘Shine‘ was played, both Ann got a bit vigorous in our dancing with the people around us and when the long note of ‘Shine’ was played I thrusted my arms out in front of me thinking there was no one in front of me. There were. The arms went into the back of the woman’s head in front of me so hard that she ended up dunking her face in beer. Oh dear. She turned round to me angrily and shot me an evil look whereas I gave an ‘oops’ smile. She shook her head and sat cross-armed. What was their problem? If they didn’t want to see Take That then why?

The answer was revealed to us very shortly. Well, the reason why this tour of Take That is so popular is because Robbie Williams re-joined his old band for one tour only. So when Robbie Williams appeared on stage after the other members performed ‘Shine’, with a rousing and guttural song of ‘Let Me Entertain You‘, the couple in front us leapt up so much, startling Ann and I and began boogieing away. Ah right. They don’t like Take That but only like Robbie Williams?

Take That

Anyway, Robbie definitely strutted his stuff with his crazy remarks and wild innuendos, as he did a great few songs of ‘Rock DJ,’ ‘Come Undone,’ ‘Feel,’ and of course ‘Angels‘ that has everyone holding each other to sway to the music. We didn’t hold with the couple in front of us 😛

They that was hit solo set done as he ‘re-joins’ Take That with their brand new album to sing. This is when the couple promptly sat down and never got up again for the rest of the show. Their loss!

With a powerful rendition of ‘The Flood‘ amidst a wonderful backdrop, it truly felt the reformed ‘Take That’ is back! The whirlwind set of their new album flew by with ‘SOS‘, ‘Underground Machine,’ and the intriguing ‘Kidz‘ involving human chess pieces.

take that

Then before we knew it, it’s time to reminisce. Back in the day before Take That split up. What cheesy 1990s pop music can we sing a long to?

That That

Kicking off with a medley around the piano they sang ‘A Million Love Songs / Babe / Everything Changes‘ before rousing the crowds with a waving  ‘Back for Good, showing off they’ve still got it with their dance proves for  ‘Pray.’

With another new song of ‘Love Love, the guys truly gave a unforgetabble song of ‘ ‘Never Forget’. It climaxed with the astounding stage structure that stood high in the middle of the stadium.

take that

For their encore, they came back and did a naughty rendition of ‘Relight My Fire‘ to which Ann and I got the moves going to thanks to copious amount of beer and then before we knew it, we would we singing a simple song of ‘Eight Letters.’ This last song left a simple note in the air and we would now wonder, what’s next in store for Take That?

Who knows, but I can tell you this. They can definitely give a bloody fantastic show for travellers from another country!

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