1st August 2011 – German Beer, Cars, Sausages for my Birthday!


Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! I’m 26 today! Guess what I got for my Birthday?

German Beer

Sadly, it’s not this BMW that i went to visit at their factory during my time there. But here I am in munich with my friend Ann, and we were to have our last day in this bavarian city. What to do? I immediately had the answer, german beer and sausages.

German Beer

With my birthday breakfast in place (and may I add, TEA! FINALLY!), I donned my Austrian Hat and both of us stepped out at a rather leisurely stroll through the Mariaplatz and headed on over to the English Garden. It’s late morning and I demanded a frothy German Beer! My wish was granted.

German Beer

Here I am in one of Munich’s Beer Gardens! And no, the kids in the background are not drinking beer!

I do admit that we didn’t really do anything exciting. After 5 days of sightseeing Munich, then getting grim with the Dachau Memorial, partying with Take That, a pleasing Sound of Music Experience, followed by a lot of walking for arts and culture, we were pretty tired out and wanted to go with the flow of the Munich life. If drinking plentiful Beer and eating delicious Bratwursts, then I’ve no complaints. You will certainly agree if you see these sausages!

German Beer

That’s yumminess!

So unfortunately, we had to leave Munich on my birthday late at night, so i didn’t get to go out and party – I did the night before at the only place open on a Sunday night! But that’s another story!

Dragging our bags laden with souvenirs, we passed by the ‘Rathouse’ one more time and I saw an ‘I LOVE Munich’ T-shirt on a stall. I knew I had to have it. Buying one, I felt like a complete German with my t-shirt and Austrian Hat.

It’s been good to be here, Munich!


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