Returning from Brazil after the Carnival celebrations, I was feeling very positive that plenty more travels awaited for me. I professed a desire to travel plenty in Europe and perhaps even go further afield. I was truly looking forward to the next 2 months.

 2 months

By the end of February, I had already attended, by invitation, to the Canadian Embassy in London with Toni of Reclaiming My Future and it seemed possible that I would be organising a visit to Canada in the later months of 2013. Riding on the train home, I was ready to kick-start my way into Europe for Spring and Summer followed by a visit to the continent of North America in Autumn. However, as soon as I got home, I found out my dad had got into an accident breaking his knee and required full-time care as he was confined into a wheelchair. My plans for a trip into Germany in March had to be indefinitely postponed as for the next 6 weeks, I would need to be on hand to make sure my dad had the smoothest recovery as possible.


So for the last 6 weeks, I never did any travelling around and thus I decide to take an opportunity to finish off telling my Uganda Project journal and also my Munich journal, which I’ve just finished. Reading other travel blogs such as Waegook Tom and Backpacks and Bunkbeds had me feeling really jealous as they took fantastic trips into the East Coast of America, a cruise in Italy and going on the backpacker route in SE Asia. I waited for the day when I could go travelling again! It’s not to say that I wasn’t happy being there for dad… Family is extremely important to me and I would have given up my plans to be there for them.


But great news! After a check up yesterday, he was deemed fit enough to look after himself and come out of his wheelchair. That meant he didn’t really need me anymore. So, now I can get back into the swing of things planning my travels. Opportunities have arisen for the summer thanks to promising job applications, my long thinking about ‘what to do with my life?’ throughout the last 2 months but travel still remains close to my heart. I’m not ready to fully settle down yet. To demonstrate, the next 2 months are going to be packed with travel. So what am I doing in the next 2 months?


Mid, and End of April


Yorkshire – I still can’t stray too far away for the rest of this month so what better than to explore my favourite county in the UK, Yorkshire! It helps that it’s my home county haha! With good weather finally here, i will be taking the opportunity to visit various destinations around the East Riding of Yorkshire such as York, Bridlington, Pocklington and more.


Brighton – this weekend, I’ll be attending the travel blogging conference – Traverse. I look forward to learning how to make my travel blog better than ever and also the photo tour around this rocky beach town.

2 months


Leicester – back to my original RexyEdventures office. I’ll be catching up with friends there.


Harry Potter Studios – ah yes! I’m a huge fan of the Harry Potter book series and films. Dressed up in our wizarding gear, I’ll be joining my friends to undertake a tour of the Harry Potter Studios in Watford, UK.


Early May


Forest of the Dean – one of the natural forests left in the UK, I’ll be joining Tom of TomarHawk on a weekend getaway over May Bank Holiday Weekend at St Briavels and staying in a castle! There’s going to be a Medieval Banquet theme so out comes my dressing up box again!


Wales – Also with Tom, after our St Briavels activities close to the Welsh Border, both of us will be exploring South and Central Wales for a week. We’ve decided to go with the flow and see where we end up. Watch this space!


South of England – shortly before mid may, I’ll be going to the south coast of England to check out the picturesque Jurassic Coast as promoted heavily by Tom of Journeytom. Hopefully, I’ll fit in some time to explore Stonehenge!


Mid May


Spain – Its time to kick-start my Europe travels! For 2 weeks, I’ll be basing myself in Madrid, thanks to TwoBadTouristsoffering me a place to crash there. With this central location, I’ll hopefully be able to travel a variety of places within Madrid and also the rest of Spain.


End of May, Early June


Portugal – I’ll be starting my Portuguese leg in Porto (northern Portugal) as I fly in from Madrid for a few days there. Later, I’ll have to hightail myself to the Algarve on the southern coast to meet my parents for the weekend as we will be attending a wedding of a family friend there. Later, I’ll be heading on over to Lisbon for a few days there before catching a flight home with my parents for Another wedding in the UK!


So there it is, I’m sure to say that the last 2 months of travel inactivity will be far compensated with the next 2 months of Travel frenzy!


What do you think? Where would you recommend me to go at these destinations? What are you doing for the next 2 months?


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