Knowing myself, I love to do a rexy edventure and of course, you have to do all the touristy adventures to make you feel like you at a particular place. Patrick of Beat the Brochure guest posts about the amazing camel rides in Egypt. Don’t worry, don’t get the hump if you’ve never done one, there are beginner courses. 


Camel rides for beginners

Forgoing a camel ride in Egypt is like shunning those poor donkeys on Blackpool Beach. Neither animal deserves that! So when in Egypt you really must experience the view from atop a camel. And what a view it is…the Pyramids, the Sphinx, the Nile, the endless desert and the Red Sea stretching out onto the horizon.


Here is our essential guide to keeping your composure whilst riding a camel. It really is the only way to travel in Egypt darling!


How do I find my ride?

Don’t worry your ride will find you. Obviously we’re referring to the guide and not the camel. Guides with camels are more frequent than buses and don’t need to be hailed like taxis. In fact the guide will know before you do of your intent to take a camel ride whilst on holiday!


Is getting on and off as precarious as it looks in the movies?

Well camels are all legs and can look a little ungainly in their manoeuvres, but essentially they know what they’re doing. So just follow the guide’s instructions or gestures, get on and hold on and the camel will do the rest. You’ll be up before you know it! And when it’s time to dismount, again hold on and wait for the camel to finish his legwork.


One hump or two?

Don’t be perturbed if your camel only has one hump. He’s a dromedary and it’s just the way he’s built. If you’re expecting two humps then you’re on the wrong continent, try Asia.


It’s thirsty work being a camel

You’d think so wouldn’t you given all that heat and ferrying tourists around the desert? But camels can hack it without a single drink for up to a month. You on the other hand should make sure you’re armed with a bottle of water or two. By the way, when your camel does take a drink, he can gulp down 25 gallons of water in 10 minutes.


So now you know what you’re missing, it’s time to take advantage of egypt holidays with plenty of camel riding opportunities around.

Camel rides

 Fancy a ride?

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