‘Well this was a great stop on the way to Conwy!’ I exclaimed in delight as I rubbed my belly. Smacking my lips, I stared down at the empty plate that held before me. Yes, food again has been the source of my happiness. I had what both Tom of TomarHawk and I have searched for to get the true taste of Welsh food. Welsh Rarebit.


Oh my god, this is the best Welsh Food ever!

We had stopped off for a bit of lunch in the middle of the Snowdonia National Park on the way to Conway, called Blaenau Ffestiniog in a cafe after spending an afternoon in Portmeirion. Much to our delight, we found that they served Welsh Rarebit, which is essentially to most English people as ‘Cheese on Toast with a drop of Worcestershire Sauce‘ but this takes the Welsh twist of providing local produce to make this. And my god I was in heaven! Thick, moist, and definitely belly filling! If this was all we did today, then I would be happily sorted but no, we are exploring North Wales. So off to Conwy we went in the car



An hour later, we arrived in this impressive walled market town in the lateness of the afternoon and promptly set about exploring it. I was struck how beautiful and yet, simple it is. I was expecting a roaring and busy town but no, this town built within the confines of the Conwy Castle Walls to which even some of the houses rested upon, I knew I would want to climb the walls to get a good view of the city, its skyline dominated by Conwy Castle in the forefront and background.

Part of the system of Castles built along the North Wales coastline by King Edward I (yes, him again!), Conwy Castle proves to be one of the most outstanding castles in Europe, and that’s just by looking at it! As we arrived too late, it was possible to get in so the walls would have to make due. And I was right, it was totally worth it. I mean, take a look at this view!



With the view of River Conwy on one side and the whole of Wales to the south, we trudged along the castle walls and marvelled at how the town is squeezed into its walls. Also, we could see into other people’s bedrooms. Naughty, naughty! But any glimpse of Amy Pond with sexy bed hair didn’t reveal itself to me, dammit!

As we reached the north castle walls, the splendour of the River laid before us. So I looked.


How sexy do I look gazing over the River Conwy?

Also from the North Castle Walls, we can see the Castle looming up ominously from the East Wall. It was almost it was telling me to behave…so I didn’t. I rather skipped along the North Wall….



After sightseeing Conwy, the rain came down again so our attempts to search for another record feat for the Smallest House in Great Britain was postponed. We tried at first but I guess it’s so small you can’t even find it! Are there Borrowers in Conwy?!

Taking refuge with a coffee, we discussed how North Wales proved to smash our expectations. It really was a constant surprise…even with HolyHead! And at that moment, as time was ticking out seeing as we had only 2 more days in Wales, we definitely wanted to come back to North Wales and do a proper tour of it. As the rain, died down, we got given one last chance to explore Conwy. Sadly, we wouldn’t be staying here for the night, but we made use of our time. Look at the pic!



Exploring the green space outside the East Wall of Conwy, we were given great majestic views of Conwy Castle up close. I really wanted to explore within but the drenched and soaken people at the top put me off.

As the evening drew in, it was time to go to our next accommodation for the night, only 20 minutes away. The seaside resort of Llandudno. But as we left driving over Conwy Bridge, I turned round and stayed at the rapidly diminishing castle and I muttered,

I’ll come back for you, my heart of stone.’


What did you think of Conwy? Did you go into the Castle?


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