After absolutely loving my times in Wales, I absolutely want to go back. I know one week travelling in Wales doesn’t do this amazing country any justice so I would like to dedicate at least another week there. My recent foray into Wales was spent mostly in the Northern parts so there is indeed the southern part and the central parts to explore more fully.

So after thinking about this, I identified 6 places I would like to go to get my Welsh hat on!


My first time in South Wales in 2008


1. Cardiff

Of course, you have to visit the Capital City! I have been there before in 2008 but it was a short introduction in the guise of visiting its castle (yes, I’m castle obsessed!) and sightseeing the Bay and attending the Doctor Who convention there.

I’d like to catch a Welsh rugby game from the Welsh Rugby Team at the Millennium Stadium here and sampling the infamous nightlife where I will be welcomed in Welsh arms to party until dawn. I’ll be cosmopolitan and stay in one of the affordable hotel options from Ibis.

Other than that, I’d be visiting the landmarks and places of historic interest to finally learn how Wales came about. What do you think?


Cardiff Bay


2. St Davids 

The Pembrokeshire Coast is a remarkable sight I hear to see. But with its status as Britain’s smallest city and the final resting place of the country’s patron saint, St David (duh). Renowned for its natural beauty and abundance of wildlife on the coast, you can see all this from the Cathedral that stands next to the ruined Bishop’s Palace. Me? I just want to get back to Welsh Nature that I thoroughly enjoyed during my time in the National Parks.


3. Merthyr Tydfil

After the disappointment of the town of Brecon in the National Park there, I still want to explore Brecon Beacons NP. But mostly for its cultural and musical aspect. The National Eisteddfod is such a prime example where many Welsh Choirs and Welsh readings take place to battle each other to win the prestigious prizes offered there. I would like to go there as a ‘chief druid’ is meant to preside this event and this is something I would absolutely love to see. But other literacy and music festival do happen there 🙂


4. Carmarthen 

Apparently, if you really want to be the truest Welsh possible, this is the place to go. After all, Carmarthen claims to be the oldest town in Wales and this is where Wales truly stemmed from. So, in a culture mood, I would want to visit this place and check out the landmarks and items of history particularly Geoffrey of Monmouth who invented the Arthurian Legend by claiming Merlin was indeed born here. Could I find the Round Table here?


5. Aberystwyth

‘Aber’ is a major tourist centre and a cultural link between south and north Wales. It’s all to do with the language…don’t ask, it’s enough to make my head to explain to you…damn Welsh Mutations in Language! So why would I want to come here? Well, it’s a major educational centre. I quite fancy attending a short course in the Welsh Language to finally get to grips with it round my tongue. Who knows, this may be a fantastic impression to my wooing in future… But other than that, it has a steam railway system! Vale of Rheidol steam railway  definitely has my tongue wagging…I got to admit to you that I am totally into steam railways…yes I know that won’t be useful in my wooing…


So what do you think? Do you agree with me? Hopefully before 2013 is out, I’ll get to visit this land of the Green Valleys again. It has truly captured my heart. 


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