After a week in Madrid, I turned round to my fellow travellers and said,


‘Madrid is SO AWESOME!’


This is in stark contrast to what I generally thought about Spain before arriving there. I hadn’t even been to mainland Spain and I immediately thought that the country would be full of old people on their retirement or families chasing the sun to live in the middle of a desolate place or perhaps even full of hardcore trashy people looking to party 24/7. So why did I come to Spain if I felt this way?

I wanted to be proved wrong. I desperately wanted to be so. At its height in the 1400s and 1500s, Spain was the ultimate global superpower full of culture, dark times, and charm. Until our Queen Elizabeth I put a stop to that in 1588 when she defeated the Spanish Armada. (Blows raspberry. Go England!)

So when I got given the chance to tour Spain by my very good and annoying American travel buddies, Auston and Dave of Two Bad Tourists, who have moved there for the next year, I simply jumped up at the chance and hey…it’s free accommodation isn’t it? I suppose I could let them off calling me ‘Goober’ constantly. (Look up Urban Dictionary – it means kind and Goofy person).

So when I landed at Madrid Airport in the middle of May, I knew that I was being proved wrong immediately. I think it was due to the very svelte and sultry air hostess with dark eyelashes under her dark features that drew me in with her small smile that nearly made me throw myself onto one knee and asked her to marry me. Maybe I am a Goober.

So within a week, (I’ll tell you in detail what I got up to in Madrid in another post) I immediately felt like I wanted to move here, learn Espanol, pick up the chicas, try out all the cultural activities and get around from Madrid as the country’s central point by hiring a car in Spain.

So why was Madrid SO AWESOME?!!!!!!! I’ll tell you why.


Even Madrid can be sweet!


Fantastic Weather

Oh my god, after the coldness of Wales, it was such a blessing to get Vitamin D from the Sun! And shock and horror! I could walk around without a jumper or coat! And you could even eat and drink OUTSIDE in the courtyards. But it’s not hot enough to make you sweat profusely like trying to find the right wire to snip to defuse a bomb, in order to get some shade. For me, it was just right. It was nice to show some skin.


Gorgeous Architecture

This was the biggest revelation for me. I kind of imagined Madrid to be a run down, dirty and depressing place. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! Slap a dress on me and call me Wanda, I was so wrong. Madrid has utterly gorgeous architecture. Plenty a time I would snapping a building much to the annoyance of Two Bad Tourists, who had to urge me to go to another street after an hour on the same one. It was colourful, a joy to look and happy! This was what I called Cosmopolitan. We all need bright pink buildings in our lives. FACT. I wonder if I can convince my dad to paint his house that colour…

Madrid, Spanish Architecture

I want this colour on everything!


It’s all about the Tapas

Ah Tapas. During my time in Spain, I kind of developed a love-hate relationship with Tapas. But I’ve decided to love it this time. Means ‘to cover’ a drink with a small food based goodness, sometimes you don’t actually know what you’re actually getting. I love this. It’s like russian roulette especially for vegetarians. You’re screwed if you get meat. But Spain has a winning formula, it’s stops people drinking on empty stomachs and rolling around drunk in the street. I didn’t actually see any paralytic drunk at all when I was there. And also, I LOVE Food and over time, if I got chorizo in my dish, then I’m one happy dude!

Madrid, Tapas

I developed a love-hate relationship with Tapas…


Cheap Wine!

‘You’re telling me it’s 2 Euros for a bottle of wine?!’ I exclaimed to David as he took me to the supermarket to get some ingredients for a meal that Auston didn’t know he would be cooking after his hard work all day. I began to see why both of them moved here. Wine is so dirt cheap here especially Tinto Verano and Sangria. So as you could predicted, the three of us would be in cahoots somewhere polishing off many bottles of wine throughout a course of a day. It’s £1.50 people!

Madrid, Wine

Can you see how excited I am for Spanish Wine?


Very Good Looking People

Tall, dark, handsome and a smile to die for….oh I shouldn’t be describing myself…my bad! I should be talking about the Spanish people or Madrilenos rather. Again, they all have dark features and dark eyes that draw you in. Many a time I would stop my terrible spanish in mid-conversation enraptured as I gazed in their eyes…men and women alike. They have that special feature. But these spanish people have bags of confidence as they strut their stuff in the streets or parks of Madrid and they ooze sex, sex, sex. Now I know where the meaning of sun, sand, sangria and sex comes from. All you have to do is look around and you can be jealous of their features whilst perving at the chicas bums, they are perky.


Brimming with History

As I said at the start, Spain has bags of history. The walking tours starting in the Plaza Mayor will attest to this…I know, I dragged David kicking and screaming on one. Unfortunately, a lot of places got destroyed during the Spanish Civil War 1936-39, but it’s not to say it’s been eradicated. Anywhere you turn, you’ll see a historical monument or site. My favourite has to be the Stuffed Crocodile Museum…I’ll explain in a later post.

Madrid, Plaza Mayor

Panoramic View of the Plaza Mayor


So as I looked behind me to look at Madrid while we roared off to the south of Spain, I was left with a fond knowledge that Madrid was truly the place to be and who knows…I may move there one day. Now that scream you hear now is Auston and David reading this and immediately booking tickets home to USA to get away from this goober from dragging them on more history tours….


What did you think of Madrid? What was your favourite thing about it?


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